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3 Must-Have Fitness Tools

Jan 9 2023
1 min read
Fitness tool recommendations from Dustin Nabhan, VP, Health & Performance at Canyon Ranch

From sleep tracking to collecting health data, these 3 fitness tools keep Dustin Nabhan, VP, Health & Performance at Canyon Ranch, on track.

1. Oura Ring
One of the most scientifically valid sleep trackers. Has high compliance due to long battery life and small form factor. $349-$549

2. Withings Body Composition Scale
It's a Wifi scale that tracks weight and body composition over time, allows you to share progress with your healthcare team, and connects to other wearables to present your health data in one place. $209.95

3. Bryte Bed
This smart mattress learns your sleep preferences and changes throughout the night to optimize your sleep performance. $6,499-$6,999

Headshot of Dustin Nabhan

About the Expert

Headshot of Dustin Green

Dustin Nabhan

DC, PhD, DACBSP, FACSM, CSCS, RMSK, Vice President of Health & Performance

Dustin is committed to helping our guests live their healthiest and best lives. Whether through integrative medicine and nutrition recommendations, mind and spirit modalities, scientific-based performance enhancement, or injury prevention tools, Dustin creates multi-disciplinary approaches to fit the unique needs of guests.