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How It Works

With integrative services and treatments supporting the full spectrum of wellness, we can guide you to what’s right for your vision of well-being to a path that’s yours alone.

Work with a knowledgeable Wellness Guide to create a tailored itinerary.

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Coconut Melt

Pure coconut, known for its antioxidant and age-defying qualities, is steamed and applied to the skin using techniques that relax the body and leave your skin soft and supple.

Detoxifying Herbal Wrap

Herbs relieve stiff muscles and sore joints, and detoxify the skin. Get wrapped in warm sheets steeped in herbs, and enjoy a foot and scalp massage, and paraffin treatment.

Himalayan Salt Stone Treatment

Our healing treatment uses natural benefits of salt to ease sore muscles, reduce inflammation, and cleanse skin, with a full body seaweed salt scrub and hot-stone massage.

Hydrating Body Scrub

Our scrub renews skin, leaving soft and velvety smooth, regardless of your skin type. Enjoy the many features of water and warmth from our experiential spa treatment table.

Mud Cocoon

Detoxification boosts vitality. Brown seaweed paste is applied to your body so skin absorbs active elements. Heat from a soft-pack cocoon promotes sweat and toxin removal.

Omega Body Buff

Buff away stress with our scrub that boosts circulation, exfoliates dry skin, and moisturizes with omega-3 anti-inflammatory oils, revealing healthy, firm, glowing skin.

Organic Seaweed Leaf Cocoon

Our nutrient-rich seaweed wrap deeply detoxifies, increases circulation, moisturizes, and supports skin regeneration. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage while you float in bliss.

Ultra-Moisturizing Cocoon

Dare to completely let go as you float in our cocoon envelopment bed. A light exfoliation is followed by luxurious moisturizing. Choose from Goat Butter Cream or Warm Vanilla.
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Woman having mud applied to her back

Mud Cocoon

$185 / $335
50 / 100 min
Woman having mud applied to her back

A regular systemic detoxification is important for everyone in order to keep the body running smoothly. Brown seaweeds, blended for their detoxifying action, are mixed into a fine paste and applied to the entire body during this rejuvenating spa experience. The skin absorbs active elements, with help from clay minerals, and the soothing heat of an exclusive soft-pack cocoon promotes perspiration and the elimination of toxins.