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How It Works

With integrative services and treatments supporting the full spectrum of wellness, we can guide you to what’s right for your vision of well-being on a path that’s yours alone.

Work with a knowledgeable Wellness Guide to create a tailored itinerary.

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CBD Wellness Ritual

This calming and therapeutic spa experience for the whole body uses CBD-infused products for the ultimate relaxation and pain relief.

Coconut Melt

Pure coconut, known for its antioxidant and age-defying qualities, is steamed and applied to the skin using techniques that relax the body and leave your skin soft and supple.

Cool Citrus Glow

A body scrub service, using micro-particles of zesty orange peels, followed by a hydrating body mask.

Desert Ritual

Rejuvenate your skin and serenade your senses with native Sonoran Desert resources used to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate with a body scrub, bath, and therapeutic massage.

Detoxifying Herbal Wrap

Herbs relieve stiff muscles and sore joints, and detoxify the skin. Get wrapped in warm sheets steeped in herbs, and enjoy a foot and scalp massage, and paraffin treatment.

Detoxifying Ritual

Our therapeutic treatment includes cleansing and scrubbing the body with mint tea, coffee, olive stones and lemon, followed by a body clay detox, then a relaxing massage.

Euphoria Ritual

This elegant body treatment calms the nervous system and relaxes the mind. Enjoy a sage compress, aromatherapy scalp massage, a body masque, scrub, tub soak, and body massage.

Himalayan Salt Stone Treatment

Gently heated smooth Himalayan salt stones are applied with light-to-medium pressure while massaging the entire body to reduce inflammation, detoxify, and improve circulation.

Hungarian Scrub

This detoxifying treatment starts with a vigorous body exfoliation using sea salt, Hungarian moor mud and capsicum peptide, and firming body oil leaves skin baby soft.

Mud Cocoon

Detoxification boosts vitality. Brown seaweed paste is applied to your body so skin absorbs active elements. Heat from a soft-pack cocoon promotes sweat and toxin removal.

Muscle Rescue Ritual

Ease aches, pain, and stiffness with our ritual that includes an exfoliating salt scrub, an aromatic mineral bath, and a deep-tissue, full-body or focused-area massage.

Organic Seaweed Leaf Cocoon

Our nutrient-rich seaweed wrap deeply detoxifies, increases circulation, moisturizes, and supports skin regeneration. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage while you float in bliss.

Organic Sun Soothing Treatment

A soothing wrap that envelops the body in blends of seaweed to alleviate skin inflammation.

Ultra-Moisturizing Cocoon

Dare to completely let go as you float in our cocoon envelopment bed. A light exfoliation is followed by luxurious moisturizing. Choose from Goat Butter Cream or Warm Vanilla.

Vitamin Infusion Body Treatment

This hydrating and exfoliating body treatment featuring Environ® products with vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene, tones, smooths, and plumps the skin for a youthful glow.

Body treatments at our Tucson resort and spa blend best-in-class skin-care products with therapeutic bodywork that promotes inner balance and relaxation. Energizing scrubs and wraps help to exfoliate and detoxify while soothing massage helps to restore hydration and deeply nourish your skin.

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Woman recieving a body treatment at Canyon Ranch.

Hungarian Scrub

50 min
Close-up image of a woman receiving a body treatment at Canyon Ranch.

This purifying and detoxifying treatment starts with a vigorous and effective exfoliation of the whole body. Using sea salt, Hungarian moor mud and capsicum peptide, the skin’s texture is refined and left radiant and soft. The invigorating, firming body oil improves skin elasticity while balancing and soothing the body and senses.