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How It Works

With integrative services and treatments supporting the full spectrum of wellness, we can guide you to what’s right for your vision of well-being on a path that’s yours alone.

Work with a knowledgeable Wellness Guide to create a tailored itinerary.

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Building Muscle

Nutrition plays a key role in building and maintaining muscle for a strong, healthy body. Get a customized nutrition plan to enhance your health and performance goals.

Continuous Glucose Monitor Follow-Up & Education

Discover your personal continuous glucose monitor data and get expert nutritional advice on how food choices, stress, and exercise impact your optimal blood glucose levels.

Diet Score

Analyze your nutrient intake and diet, and develop strategies for improvement with our nutrition experts in this two-part service.

Digestive Wellness

Optimize your gut health with a licensed dietitian; and address digestive conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, gluten intolerance, food allergies, and constipation.

Fastest Meals Imaginable

Want to cook healthy meals but don’t have time? This idea-packed session helps you create fast, easy, delicious, and wellbalanced meals. And take home our latest cookbook!

Fueling for Longevity

This personalized coaching session with a Nutritionist prioritizes building practical, individualized healthy eating habits with an emphasis on longevity.

Fueling Your Performance

Let a Canyon Ranch Nutritionist take your performance to the next level with an individualized plan that supports unique needs and goals.

Hydration Testing

In this two-part service, collect and analyze your sweat in real-time, before reviewing your unique fluid and sodium requirements with a nutritionist.

Mood & Food

This joint therapy-and-nutrition counseling service combines expertise to help you understand your current eating pattern and the best options for healthy, sustainable change.

Nutrition Follow-Up Package

Seek sustainable change? A follow-up coaching package can help you meet your goals. Commit to four 25-minute phone or video sessions with your nutritionist to stay on track.

Personalized Nutrition Consultation

Get expert advice on everyday nutrition and how best to feed yourself and your family for optimal health and wellbeing. This entry-level consultation may be customized to suit

Fuel health and performance with insights from the licensed nutritionists and dieticians at our Arizona resort. Whether you want to power your body for exercise and fitness, reach or maintain your healthy weight, or simply improve your relationship with food, our experts equip you with personalized programs and new skills for you to nourish your mind and body.

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A dietician showing a graph of macronutrients in assorted vegetables to a nutrition patient.

Fueling Your Performance

50 min
A dietician showing a graph of macronutrients in assorted vegetables to a nutrition patient.

In this personalized coaching session, a licensed Nutritionist will work with you to determine the best food and fueling strategies to optimize your performance. Whether you are focused on physical performance, mental performance, or both — you will leave with a clear, practical, and individualized plan for success. This individualized nutrition plan will support your unique needs and goals, while also being sustainable and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.