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How It Works

Select a focused Pathway with curated services bundled to support your intention. Explore a topic such as healthy weight, life transitions, wellness, or joy.

Work with a knowledgeable Wellness Guide to create a tailored itinerary.

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Fuel your health and performance with personalized guidance from licensed nutritionists at our New England wellness resort. Get integrative insights and tailored plans to sustain your well-being and transform your relationship with food long after your stay.

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Building Muscle

50 min
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Nutrition plays a key role in building and maintaining muscles. That's why we eat to fuel and replenish: for a strong, healthy body. Get a customized nutrition plan to achieve your health and performance goals by working with a Canyon Ranch Nutritionist. You'll receive practical nutrition strategies to support your body before, during, and after workouts to build muscle and restore energy throughout the day.