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Megan Cureton
Team / Tucson, AZ

Megan Cureton

MS, RDN, CPT, 200-RYT, Fitness Instructor

Megan Cureton

Megan Cureton is a wellness professional with over two decades of experience in movement, fitness, and nutrition. As a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and yoga teacher, she specializes in introducing resort guests to various modalities for holistic well-being.

Selected Highlights

MS in Nutrition & Dietetics

BS in Physiology

BS in Nutrition

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Buti Yoga

Primal Flow Yoga

Zumba® Licensed Instructor






Megan's fitness journey began with a childhood love for dance. She's since explored various avenues of movement, from sound healing and yoga instruction to personal training and beyond.

Her understanding of myofascia, muscle imbalances, and whole-body movement helps her aid guests in pain-free movement, mobility enhancement, and custom strength and conditioning training. She possesses a deep passion for postpartum strength recovery and posture reset, seamlessly weaving nutrition into fitness regimens to achieve optimal outcomes.

Megan always aims to meet guests where they are, using exercise as a gateway to more joy. Rejecting the notion of fitness as punishment, she champions movement as a celebration of the body's capabilities, fostering empowerment and self-discovery with those she works with.

Driven by a desire to facilitate emotional release and personal growth, Megan loves the moments when physical release paves the way for emotional catharsis, allowing guests to embrace joy and healing.

Outside of work at our Arizona wellness resort, Megan finds fulfillment in her roles as a wife and mother of two children, along with her beloved dog. An avid gardener, she also has a passion for plants and creates healthful meals from her very own garden in her spare time.

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