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A headshot of Marta Vergara
Team / Tucson, AZ

Marta Vergara

LAc, Acupuncturist

A headshot of Marta Vergara

Marta completes individual assessments and develops personalized treatments for our guests. She has a vast knowledge of alternative therapies and is known for incorporating them into the healing process.

Selected Highlights

Licensed Acupuncturist, Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Certified Nursing Assistant, Pima Community College

Assistant Professor, Ikebana Arrangements, Sangetsu School of Ikebana

Marta joined the Canyon Ranch Medical department nearly two decades ago. She brings a unique perspective to the team, with a background in indigenous medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and Western medicine.

Growing up in an indigenous culture, Marta learned about the benefits of natural medicine and herbs at an early age. She went on to receive a Certified Nursing Assistant degree and completed prerequisites for nursing. From here, Marta pursued her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Some of the treatments Marta uses in her sessions include: sound and energy therapies such as Acutonics, Kita Sound Machine, and Colorpuncture; herbal and food remedies; Shiatsu; Tui-na massage; and Craniosacral therapy.

When she’s away from the Ranch, you might find Marta creating art through Ikebana flower arranging. She is an Assistant Professor of the practice and has participated in national and international Ikebana exhibitions and museum shows for almost 30 years.

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