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Headshot of Krisna Hanks
Team / Tucson, AZ

Krisna Hanks

MS, MBA, Health & Performance Coach

Headshot of Krisna Hanks

Krisna is committed to helping guests live their best lives, working with them through pre-stay consults, Integrative Coaching sessions, and post-stay sessions that allows guests to address concerns to ensure continued success. Her strength-based approach provides support, accountability, and consistency to health and wellness transformation.

Selected Highlights

MS, in Kinesiology, Indiana University

MBA, University of San Francisco

BS in Kinesiology, Indiana University

Nutrition Network Certifications in Diabetes Risk and Reversal, Professional LCHF/Keto Nutrition & Treatment, LCHF in Clinical Practice, Obesity: Risk and Reversal, and as an Advisor

Dr. Sear’s Health Institute Health Coach Certification

Romana’s Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program

National Diabetes Prevention Program-Lifestyle Coach Trainer Certification

Senior Fitness Association, 2012-Senior Fitness Instructor Level 1 & 2

WELCOA, Workplace Wellness University Certification Level 1 & 2

Power Pilates, Comprehensive Certification

Iyengar Yoga Center, Amsterdam, Holland, Teacher Trainer Diploma

Before joining the Health & Performance team Canyon Ranch Tucson in Arizona, Krisna worked as a consultant for companies, universities, and nonprofit organizations as a health and performance coach, executive coach, nutrition advisor, Pilates instructor, and as a developer of comprehensive employee wellness programs. Some previous clients include the CDC, Stanford University, the City of Emeryville, and Pixar Animation Studios. She was the owner/founder of East Bay Pilates and is also the author of Finding Lifestyle Sanity: A Survival Guide. It is a no-nonsense book on well-being for mature individuals.

As an expert in health and wellness, she also finds workable strategies to balance her own life by prioritizing fitness and wellbeing. Krisna’s approachable style allows her to connect with guests of all ages, who are at every level of fitness to navigate individualized paths for living their healthiest lives.

When not at the Ranch, Krisna likes to hike, cook, read a good book, and, of course, work out. As a former professional dancer, Krisna travelled the world, from Russia to Europe. She used to live in The Netherlands and speaks Dutch. Her best general advice? “Eat real food and move as much as you can.”

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