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 Jun 1 - Jul 31 (opens in new window)
A headshot of Jenny Flora
Team / Tucson, AZ

Jenny Flora

MS, Clinical Nutritionist

A headshot of Jenny Flora

Jenny meets with guests to discuss their unique needs and goals. She provides nutritional guidance to help them manage chronic conditions, properly fuel their bodies for exercise, and improve their overall health.

Selected Highlights

MS in Integrative Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Arizona

BS in Nutrition and Food Science, Northern Arizona University

Jenny has over 40 years of experience in nutrition and dietetics, with an emphasis on nutritional assessment, clinical practice, and food development. She has been with Canyon Ranch for more than half of that time, holding positions in the Nutrition and Food Development departments.

In her current role, Jenny assists guests with their personal dietary needs. Her private consultations focus on managing blood sugar, eating for exercise, cardiovascular health, and digestive wellness. She also has expertise in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, maximizing metabolism, and treating celiac disease.

When away from the Ranch, Jenny can often be found in her community garden, growing fruits and vegetables with her neighbors. She is also a self-taught gemologist and delights in making her own jewelry.

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