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James McDougall
Team / Lenox, MA

James McDougall

Fitness Instructor

James McDougall

James McDougall works with Lenox resort guests as a Fitness Instructor, bringing over two decades of experience in the fitness industry to his role. Specializing in fitness, fencing, swimming, and pickleball, he's dedicated to helping individuals achieve their wellness goals through tailored exercise programs.

Selected Highlights


AFFA Group Instructor

PPR Pickleball Coach

James's diverse background includes certification in the culinary arts and as a master mason and bricklayer. With a wealth of experiences ranging from working on New York City's tallest buildings to spending countless hours in NYC kitchens, James has cultivated a unique perspective on fitness and well-being. He attributes his passion for fitness to his humble beginnings in small weightlifting gyms over four decades ago.

Inspired by a magazine article he read in 2002, James set his sights on Canyon Ranch as a career goal. Our belief in the concept of possibility deeply resonated with him, motivating him to pursue a position as a personal trainer.

One of James's proudest achievements in Lenox has been helping numerous guests overcome their fear of swimming, reflecting his commitment to empowering individuals to overcome challenges and embrace new experiences.

Outside of his professional pursuits, James enjoys a variety of interests like reading, hiking, cooking, yoga, and music.

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