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Dan  Brinton Headshot
Team / Lenox, MA

Dan Brinton

Outdoor Sports Guide

Dan  Brinton Headshot

Dan takes guests at Canyon Ranch Lenox on various outdoor excursions, including mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, ropes course, zipline, and archery. He specializes in gear and outdoor equipment trends.

Selected Highlights

BA, Literary Studies & Creative Writing, Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Level 2 USA Archery instructor

Certified Lifeguard

Certification in Wilderness First Aid

Thoroughbred Horse Trainer

As an outdoor sports guide for guests at our Berkshires resort, Dan provides hikes and teaches guests about Shinrin Yoku (the Japanese way of forest bathing for health and relaxation). He also gives archery instruction year-round. During the summer, he leads canoe, kayak, and paddle board outings, as well as bike rides (both on and off the road), and leads an introduction to mountain biking course and beginner bike lessons. Dan leads cross-country ski outings during the snowy winter months and gives ski lessons. As an equipment tech, he does all the maintenance on bikes, skis, snowshoes, micro-spikes, hiking and skiing poles, backpacks, boats, paddle boards, and equipment trailers.

Dan has been working outdoors for most of his life. He became hooked on hiking and guiding groups in college. His first guiding experience was as an adult leader with a Boy Scout Venture Crew. In his mid-twenties, he worked as a guide on trail rides when getting involved with horses. From 2011 until 2015, he led trail rides, including overnights, full-time. Before finding his way to Canyon Ranch Lenox in Western Massachusetts, Dan managed a stable and provided trail rides and lessons for customers. He also trained and shipped thoroughbred horses.

It’s clear that Dan loves his job, as when he’s not helping guests at Canyon Ranch, he can often be found mountain biking, skiing, working with, or riding horses. He is also an avid reader and loves spending time with his wife and daughter. A fun fact about Dan (that nearly no one would guess) is that he is “terrified of roller coasters.” This is hard to believe, as Dan has no fear when tempting daring feats on a mountain bike, tearing down a slope on skis or even taking a thoroughbred “that’s barely been off the track” out into the woods. But then again, Dan is more comfortable when out in nature. And it’s another reason guests enjoy adventuring with him in our gorgeous New England location. His words of wisdom: “Send it!”—meaning give full commitment when biking, skiing, hiking, or riding horseback.

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