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Bridget Saracino
Team / Lenox, MA

Bridget Saracino

Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

Bridget Saracino

Bridget Saracino is a versatile Fitness Instructor who teaches fitness and meditation classes at our Lenox property in New England. She's also a dedicated yoga teacher, with a special emphasis on alignment and functional movement.

Selected Highlights

Undergraduate Degree, Cornell University

Graduate Degree, Brown University

Trained in Mindfulness, Mindful Schools

Training as a Somatic Therapist, SomaSoul




Bridget is driven by her dedication to helping others achieve their best health and well-being. She finds fulfillment in collaborating with individuals to craft fitness programs that prioritize prevention and personalization.

Bridget was drawn to our Berkshires wellness resort by the vibrant community and exceptional team here. She was inspired by the opportunity to work alongside like-minded individuals who share her commitment to holistic wellness and personal growth.

In addition to her wellness work, Bridget is a seasoned professional in the world of performing arts, boasting a successful career as a voice and stage actor. Outside of her professional pursuits, Bridget’s interests are as diverse as her skill set. From baking bread and throwing ceramics to hiking, kayaking, and enjoying the companionship of her beloved dog, Bridget finds joy in myriad activities. She also has a passion for music, which she enjoys playing in her spare time.

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