Mind-Body Connection

Body and mind are inextricably linked – our experts offer a number of innovative tools for bringing them into balance.

Biofeedback Profile & Take-Home Plan

Your capacity to react to and recover from a variety of stressors will be evaluated in this in-depth session. You will be given an individualized plan with relaxation techniques and other stress-management tools, and specific recommendations for incorporating them into your lifestyle.

  • $400 for 100 minutes
EMDR: Releasing The Past & Embracing The Future

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a cognitive technique used to transform negative emotions, memories, physical sensations and self-defeating beliefs resulting from painful life experiences. In addition, it can enhance your positive sense of self by identifying and fortifying inner strengths, resources and competencies. When scheduling this service, please select either:

EMDR: Trauma Reduction – This three-part consultation consists of a 50-minute assessment and educational session, a 100-minute EMDR process, and a 50-minute follow-up and planning session. You may focus on a single episode of trauma (car accident, loss, mugging, etc.) or cumulative trauma (for example, intrusive medical procedures, prolonged caregiving, effects of terrorism).

EMDR: Resource Enhancement – This single-session EMDR process seeks to first identify, then reinforce existing personal strengths and positive learning experiences in order to provide present-time change in the areas of self-esteem, confidence and personal empowerment. 100 minutes.

  • fees vary
Heart-Mind Connection: Secrets For Transforming Stress

A harmonious connection between mind and body is vital to your ability to thrive. Excessive tension and unrelenting stress predispose you to illness, pain and general malaise. Activate the healing powers of your heart and mind through visualization, breathing, meditation and resourceful thinking. Learn techniques that help reduce tension, redirect emotional negativity and enhance your capacity for creative well-being and joy.

  • $185 for 50 minutes
Introduction to Biofeedback

Top-level athletes use biofeedback, as do medical practitioners treating attention deficit disorder and other conditions – including some forms of insomnia, hypertension, migraine and tension headaches, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and addiction. Our instruments provide feedback on your physiological state that helps you tap into your capacity for achieving optimal health, creativity and peak performance. This session teaches you to recognize the interplay between your mind and body and introduces you to breathing and thought-management techniques for handling stress.

  • $185 for 50 minutes
Meditation, Visualization & Relaxation

Calm your mind and body. Meditation, visualization and conscious relaxation have a long history in the promotion of physical health, mental clarity and spiritual development. These practices often bring about improvements in stress-related conditions such as anxiety, insomnia and hypertension. Work with a licensed therapist to determine which techniques are right for you. Then learn to use one or more of these techniques to promote healing, serenity and self-awareness.

  • $160 for 50 minutes