Assessment & Performance

Canyon Ranch exercise professionals can be invaluable in helping you establish or refine a customized exercise routine – no matter what your current fitness level. Book a consultation to get your exercise questions answered by true experts.
“What should I do?” Our graduate-trained exercise physiologists can assess your preferences, health history, goals and needs and design a program just for you.
“Am I doing this right?” Our certified personal trainers can work through your program with coaching and demonstration, so you can experience each movement and exercise to take home.
Comprehensive Exercise Assessment

Explore your fitness level and learn how you can make improvements in your exercise program.

Part I – Whether you exercise regularly for fitness or are devoted to a sport, you can benefit from an expert analysis of your exercise program. Assessments, which may include aerobic capacity, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, agility and body composition by skinfolds, will be chosen based on your level of fitness, exercise history and goals. 50 minutes.

Part II – An exercise physiologist reviews your test results with you and designs an individual program fine-tuned to your fitness level and goals. 50 minutes.

Note: We recommend that you book this service prior to arrival. This service is for apparently healthy people with no major risk factors for vascular or heart disease. Men over 45 and women over 55 need to speak with a Program Advisor about American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for taking this test. You may need to take a Cardiac Stress Test first with a physician. If you are an experienced exerciser or competitive athlete, you may want to explore ways to improve your peak performance by doing a Metabolic Exercise Assessment.

  • $280 for Parts I and II
Metabolic Exercise Assessment

How many calories do you really burn when you work out? Find out, and learn to maximize your metabolic potential. This service is recommended for people who want to change body composition, increase stamina and fitness or improve sports performance.

Part I – An exercise physiologist administers a submaximal exercise test while you exercise on your choice of cardiovascular exercise equipment: elliptical trainer, rowing machine, stationary bike or treadmill. 50 minutes.

Note: This test cannot be performed in a pool.

Part II – After analyzing the data, your exercise physiologist will design an exercise program to maximize your workout and enhance your training program. Learn your VO2 maximum, anaerobic threshold, calories burned at any given heart rate, your target heart-rate zone, how to perform interval training and fat versus carbohydrate burn. 50 minutes.


  • $360 for Parts I and II
Agility & Balance Evaluation & Training

Good balance and agility are essential to fitness and safety, and this service is the first step in improving both – no matter what your age or fitness level. An exercise physiologist will evaluate your balance and agility, design a written, take-home plan to improve both, and then take you through appropriate exercises. Whether you want to improve athletic performance, prevent falls or would simply like to move with sureness and grace, our experts can help.

Note: To get maximum benefit from an assessment by an exercise physiologist, we recommend that you book a follow-up session with a movement therapist or fitness instructor to practice your new exercise routine. You’ll get a great workout while practicing correct form and getting tips that will enhance your program over time.

  • $140 for 50 minutes
Healthy Flexibility

Do you need help stretching your tight muscles? An exercise physiologist identifies your tight areas and shows you how to isolate and lengthen them. Take home an effective, customized stretching program.

  • $140 for 50 minutes