Welcome to Canyon Ranch in Lenox


Welcome to
Canyon Ranch in Lenox

All-Inclusive Health Resort & Luxury Spa

Where joy is in the air
& good health is contagious

Discover the exhilarating joys of the world's premier health resort. Choose from favorite activities in every beautiful season, from canoeing on a perfect lake to idyllic cross-country skiing. Reenergize with 40+ fitness classes offered daily. Savor nutritious gourmet cuisine. Enjoy unhurried consults with physicians, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and other specialists.

Special Offers

First-time guests save 20%
Your student stays free
Man, what a deal!

Groups & Meetings

Corporate groups thrive in a focused environment, social groups play and relax, families mark milestones - and everyone saves.

Health Packages

Explore a specific health topic - such as optimal health, brain fitness or weight management - with a strategic array of services and a team of top experts.

Featured Events

04/13/14 to 04/20/14
05/02/14 to 05/04/14
05/15/14 to 05/18/14


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