Creative Arts

Whether you’re a professional or just interested in testing the artistic waters, creative arts offer a pathway for tapping into your inner resources in a joyful, natural way. You can pick up a paintbrush or camera and quickly enter the zone that connects you to your spiritual core. It’s a way to delve into your inner being and communicate in ways that are beyond words. Nurturing your creativity nurtures your spirituality – and vice versa. It’s the perfect way to stay engaged in the amazing beauty within and around you. Check This Week at Canyon Ranch for complete listings, days and times. Fees may apply.
Paint & Play
“Breaking the rules” allows the seed of creativity to grow. Experiment with a variety of mediums as an artist guides you through the process.
  • fees vary
Create a Personal Mandala
A mandala is a circular design traditionally used as a tool to aid in meditation. Enjoy crafting this meditation aid while increasing access to deeper aspects of you.
  • fees vary
Reignite your Creativity
Are you seeking your creative spark? Join a group for hands-on activities to fuel your inner artist’s fire!
  • fees vary
Bead Well: Bracelets
Relax and create your own beautiful beaded bracelet.
  • fees vary
Portrait Drawing
An artist will provide tricks of the trade in this nontraditional studio experience, focusing mostly on line techniques. Artistic talent is not necessary.
  • fees vary