The Science Of Performance

Focus on performance and prevention with assessments, personal training, coaching and nutritional exploration. Canyon Ranch experts balance high-tech data interpretation with personal conversations to create personalized fitness and wellness programs that work for you. Look to us as partners in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your potential.

Blood Lactate Threshold

This clinical test analyzes the five training zones by measuring the level of lactic acid in your blood – take home a prescription to improve aerobic stamina, your anaerobic threshold, weight loss efficiency and maximum training results.

Two-part service; 90 minutes total | $395

Body Composition Screening With Bod Pod

The Bod Pod®, an air displacement plethysmograph, measures body fat percentage and fat free mass – key predictors for metabolism, health and vitality. A fitness expert interprets your results and calculates your ideal body weight for performance.

25 minutes | $95

Metabolic Exercise Assessment

Measure your aerobic fitness level – your body’s ability to consume oxygen (V02 maximum) – and calculate how many calories you burn per minute. A Canyon Ranch expert interprets your aerobic fitness and creates a custom-tailored exercise program to get you to your goals.

Two-part service; 90 minutes total | $395

Healthy Eating

Get expert advice on everyday nutrition, including how best to feed yourself – and your family – for optimal health and well-being. Discuss dining on the go, eating for energy, managing food cravings, plant-based eating, practical portions and more.

45 minutes | $175

Nutrigenetics For Weight Loss

Low carb? High protein? Find out the best dietary style for you with this state of the art nutrigenetic evaluation, which also provides valuable insight into the genetic basis of appetite, satiety and eating behavior.

Test & follow-up phone consult | $625

Fitness Training

You tell us your needs, goals and preferences, we’ll create a one-of-a-kind workout plan. From functional movement improving at a sport, personal trainers create an effective plan with activities you enjoy to keep you motivated. Available for individuals and private groups.

Prices vary | 45 minutes

Mind-Body Practice

Experience greater peace and balance through self-care practices from around the world, including tai chi, meditation and breathing practices – gentle, yet powerful, disciplines. Available for individuals and private groups.

Prices vary | 45 minutes

Yoga Practice

Find greater balance in life with this long-honored mind/body practice. Great for beginners or for those who want to enhance their practice. Available for individuals and private groups.

Prices vary | 45 minutes

Coaching Session

Through open and non-judgmental dialogue, this discovery session connects you with your personal mission or goals. Look into the future with optimism, awareness and clarity. Ongoing coaching services available to help you create the future you envision.

45 minutes | $180

Inner Balance By HeartMath

The Inner Balance™ sensor from HeartMath® increases well-being by training you to replace emotional stress with balance and coherence. Measuring your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) may help improve your focus, quality of sleep and monitor your feelings of stress.

45 minutes | $295

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