The Science Of Performance

Focus on performance and prevention with assessments, personal training, coaching and nutritional exploration. Canyon Ranch experts balance high-tech data interpretation with personal conversations to create personalized fitness and wellness programs that work for you. Look to us as partners in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your potential.

Blood Lactate Threshold – COMING SOON

Improve performance and get the most out of your exercise. The level of lactic acid in your blood indicates if you’re working over or under your target cardio intensity. This clinical test determines the five training zones that optimize aerobic conditioning, maximize fitness improvement and fat burning, and improve exercise performance.

Part I – You will wear a heart rate monitor for this 20-to-30-minute test on the treadmill. A Fitness Expert will gradually increase intensity and take a blood sample from your fingertip every four minutes.

Part II – Discuss test results with our expert and devise an exercise plan based on your five training zones. Take home a prescription to improve aerobic stamina, your anaerobic threshold, and weight loss efficiency.

Two-part service; 90 minutes total | $395

Body Composition Screening With Bod Pod

The Bod Pod® is used in scientific journal studies to accurately measure body fat percentage and fat free mass, which is a key predictor of your metabolism, health, vitality and performance. Learn if you have the right fat free mass to meet your goals. After two 40-second measurements in the Bod Pod, your fitness expert will interpret your results and calculate your ideal body weight for health, fitness or performance.

For accurate results: No heavy meals or vigorous exercise 60 minutes prior to testing. Bring minimal clothing to wear during Bod Pod testing (women, bathing suit or sports bra and tight-fitting shorts or capri leggings; men, tight-fitting bathing suit – no board shorts – or tight-fitting underwear).

25 minutes | $95

Metabolic Exercise Assessment – COMING SOON

Measure your aerobic fitness level – your body’s ability to consume oxygen (V02 maximum) – and calculate how many calories you burn per minute during this two-part service.

Part I – Data Collection: You will be fitted with a heart rate monitor and a comfortable mask. You will then exercise for 10 to 15 minutes at progressively more challenging workloads until you reach 90% of maximum exercise effort.

Part II – Data Interpretation: A Fitness Expert will discuss your test results in depth. You will learn your V02 maximum, how your aerobic fitness level compares to others your age, what your V02 maximum needs to be to reach your fitness goals, how to train to improve your V02 maximum, how many calories you burn at any heart rate, the efficiency of your heart (O2 pulse) as well as your precise ideal target heart rate zones. Leave with a clear understanding of your aerobic fitness and a custom exercise program to get you to your goals.

Two-part service; 90 minutes total | $395

Healthy Eating – COMING SOON

Get expert advice on everyday nutrition, including how best to feed yourself and your family for optimal health and well-being. This consultation may be customized to suit your needs and interests, and can cover topics such as dining on the go, eating for energy, eating well at college, feeding healthy kids, managing food cravings, plant-based eating, practical portions, eating to sleep better, or concerns that arise when you’re underweight.

45 minutes | $175

Nutrigenetics For Weight Loss – COMING SOON

Have you been trying all the diet trends that have helped your friends…and it’s not working for you? By finding out what your nutritional genetic make-up is, you’ll take the guessing out of eating and finally be on track to what works for you. Your nutrigenetic evaluation provides valuable insight into the genetic basis of appetite, satiety and eating behavior. This test is a great add-on to a Healthy Eating consultation. A follow-up phone consultation (45 minutes) to review and discuss the results of your test is included.

Test & follow-up phone consult | $625

Private Fitness Training

Your one-of-a-kind body calls for a one-of-a-kind workout plan. Our personal trainers hold the industry’s top certifications and have the experience to create a program that suits your needs, goals and preferences. From functional movement to your favorite sport, we can help you create a take home plan with activities you enjoy – so you’ll keep on doing it.

Individual Training Session (45 minutes) | $150/person
Duet Training Session (45 minutes) | $110/person
Small Group Training Session (45 minutes) | $95/person
Private Group Class (45 minutes) | $375/class

Private Mind-Body Practice

Experience greater peace and balance through self-care practices from around the world. Connect body and mind through Tai Chi, meditation or breathing exercises. Our expert staff helps you explore these gentle yet powerful disciplines.

Individual Training Session (45 minutes) | $150/person
Duet Training Session (45 minutes) | $110/person
Small Group Training Session (45 minutes) | $95/person
Private Group Class (45 minutes) | $375/class

Private Yoga Practice

Find greater balance in life with this long-honored mind body practice. Get personal guidance to reap the benefits of your yoga practice. Great for beginners or for those who want to enhance their practice.

Individual Training Session (45 minutes) | $150/person
Duet Training Session (45 minutes) | $110/person
Small Group Training Session (45 minutes) | $95/person
Private Group Class (45 minutes) | $375/class

Wellness Coaching Session

This discovery session will explore the areas in your life where you may benefit from coaching. Through open and non-judgmental dialogue, connect with your personal mission or goals, allowing you to look into the future with optimism, awareness and clarity. Take away new tools in this one-time session.

45 minutes | $180

Wellness Coaching Services – COMING SOON

Loved your coach? Continue with a 12-week phone or Skype package of ongoing coaching at home to help you achieve the future you envision.

45 minutes | Prices vary

Inner Balance By HeartMath – COMING SOON

Based on more than 26 years of research, HeartMath® is used by hundreds of hospitals, corporations and individuals to increase well-being and decrease stress. Your coach will introduce you to the Inner Balance™ sensor for Androids and iPhones, which trains you to replace emotional stress with balance and coherence. By measuring and displaying your Heart Rate Variability (HRV), HeartMath may help improve your focus, quality of sleep and monitor your feelings of stress.

45 minutes | $295

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