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The Joy of Connection

For many, cultivating a spiritual existence is vital to living a balanced and healthy life. Spirituality contributes significantly to health and healing, contentment of mind and heart, improved relationships and connection with community. During your stay, experienced spiritual wellness providers help you connect more deeply with what brings meaning, value and purpose to your life. This requires no religious affiliation, nor does it encourage giving up any particular faith.

Cultivating A Life Of Purpose

During this personalized, holistic review of your life, you will strengthen your self-awareness, develop a broader vision of what is important to you, enrich your personal and professional relationships, and cultivate a deeper overall contentment with life. Your practitioner will guide you in designing an individual mission and routine to take home.

45 minutes | $245

Rite Of Passage

This powerful session will help you create or move through a significant life change, choice, passage or transition. Through dialogue and ceremony, your Rite of Passage will help you celebrate, commemorate, release, unite or reconcile. Adaptable to virtually any event, intention or milestone, your personalized rite can involve one or more people. Some topics of focus might include a milestone birthday, a breakup, a career change, empty nesting, a life transition, new habits, new parenthood, or retirement.

45 minutes | $245

Soul Journey

Allow yourself to be guided on an inner journey and get in touch with your spiritual nature. Develop insight and intuition that can create healing as it transports you to a higher state of consciousness, awareness and understanding. Your Soul Journey is designed to harmonize mind, body and soul through musical massage and the use of imagery, music and breath, creating a sacred space in which to receive emotional, mental and spiritual gifts.

45 minutes | $245

Spiritual Guidance

Through conversation, intuitive tools and guidance, a spiritual wellness provider will help you explore your spiritual path and find new ways to integrate spirituality into your daily life. No matter your faith, experience or belief, you can deepen your personal spiritual practice.

45 minutes | $245

Loss, Grief & Remembrance

Loss and grief are inevitable parts of life, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to move forward. Our spiritual wellness team can provide support for grieving individuals or families. We’ll explore resources to call upon when sadness overwhelms, encourage you to talk and help you create a practice of remembrance. Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, a cherished pet or a sense of personal identity, we are here for you.

45 minutes | $245

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