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The healing power of music and sound

The Space Between Breaths: Wellness & Sound

You are your most wonderful instrument. This is the philosophy at the heart of this uplifting, four-day, music and sound workshop led by Sherry Finzer and Will Clipman. In our inspiring redwoods haven, you’ll absorb the power of flute and percussion to elicit harmony among mind, body, emotion, and spirit. The Space Between Breaths perfectly complements your Woodside Retreat. The impact of this shared workshop and your personal journey combine to create an unforgettable experience.

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The multi-talented Sherry Finzer is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed flutist and composer who performs and records on the full spectrum of classical flutes from piccolo to contrabass, as well as Native American flutes and the Chinese Xiao. Her Heart Dance Records label is a leading source for meditation, healing, self-transformation, and wellness music. Among her many recordings, Sherry has released two Heart Dance albums with percussionist Will Clipman.


Since playing his father’s drums at age three, Will Clipman has mastered a pan-global palette of percussion. He’s a seven-time GRAMMY® Nominee, including for his solo album Pathfinder. Will is heard on 70+ albums; 35 of those for the world’s foremost Native American music label, Canyon Records. Will has performed and recorded with premier Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai for 30 years, and has toured throughout the U.SGermany, Canada, Morocco, and Russia.


Guided discussions and journaling will help you carry your experience forward, transforming your daily life from predictable routine to improvisational adventure with a sense of playful purpose. Retreat highlights include:

The Concert | Thursday Evening
Sherry & Will have enchanted audiences around the American Southwest with their live performances. Our intimate space makes this special.
Session One: Tuning Your Inner Instrument | Friday Evening
The seven chakras in the body correspond to certain frequencies of light and sound vibrations. Discover how your energies respond to the different frequencies of Sherry’s flutes.
Session Two: Finding the Space Between Breaths | Saturday Afternoon
In certain forms of yoga, “the space between breaths” refers to a profound stillness in which you experience the vast expanse of eternity. As Sherry and Will play, breathing takes on its own form and movement may come naturally.
Session Three: Telling Our Wordless Stories | Saturday Evening
Only you can tell your story. Often when Sherry and Will perform, people report taking vivid inner journeys in the landscape of the music. Don’t miss this beautiful, wordless conversation.
Session Four: Life as an Improvisational Artform | Sunday Afternoon
Sherry and Will turn the tables and invite each participant to propose an imaginative structure (perhaps inspired by your Woodside experience) – then they respond with an impromptu musical interpretation.
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