Sound Healing for Body & Soul

Sound Healing for Body & Soul

Explore sound and vibration therapy as a powerful and transformative means to shift your body at the cellular level. With the guidance of certified singing bowl practitioner and teacher Katherine Hamer (Atma Buti Sound Healing & Vibration Institute & Lineage), feel the soothing tones of singing bowls open the flow of energy. Harmonic waves from the singing bowls, coupled with intention, touch every part of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. Through meditation, aromatherapy, healing sound and movement, you will take a journey designed to calm and relax the body and soul.

About Singing Bowls

Singing bowl sound therapy is an ancient art developed by monks more than 2,000 years ago to address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies and ailments that pool and hold in the body. Singing bowls – paired with intention, intuition and integrity – help address and move energies on the cellular level, encouraging release and repair. Actively engage in feeling lighter, brighter, more relaxed, refreshed and empowered, all through the power of sound and vibration.

Retreat Highlights

Throughout your stay, choose from a number of different sound healing protocols and experiences, many of which will be tailored to your individual needs and requirements. A number of experiences that will be offered during the retreat are currently only available to private clients in Katherine’s Manhattan practice, and now exclusively through Canyon Ranch Wellness Retreat - Woodside.

Start your day energized, alive and open to new sensory experiences with a morning singing bowl meditation. By the glow of the rising sun, you’ll soak in the invigorating vibrations of Katherine’s antique singing bowls. Attendees will have warm water therapy bowls infused with essential oils placed on their bodies during this session.
Not only will you learn how to play and sing a bowl during this session. You will also be taught simple yet effective protocols to heal with one singing bowl – knowledge that lasts long after your retreat ends. No prior sound experience necessary.
Journey inward and unwind your body through therapeutic restorative yoga paired with the healing vibrations of ancient Tibetan singing bowls. This class focuses on the embodiment of the 8 Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism, energetically incorporating them with gentle asanas (postures), and the vibrations from the bowls.
This protocol meditation, rooted in the Tibetan tradition, is for the treatment and release of anger, rage, aggression and jealousy. Satipañña addresses the afflicted energy of anger, helping transmute and release it into the mirror-like clarity of wisdom. This is a peaceful, soothing meditation for those who would like to engage in releasing the residue of strife in past or current relationships.
This meditation is tailored for the treatment and release of the subtle energies of the Chakra System. KalaChakra is utilized for clearing and grounding the Chakras and other systems of the body. When in correct alignment, chakras provide equilibrium, power and clarity in decision making and for major life movements.
This gentle, peaceful meditation is helpful for those dealing with loss, heartache, grief, depression or major life changes or transitions. Dukkha is Sanskrit for Suffering or Sorrow, Dana (pronounced “DAH-NUH”) is Sanskrit for Generosity or Giving, thus promoting the gift of alleviation of suffering from sorrow.
Racing thoughts. Constant chatter. Anxiety and stress. Sound familiar? This ancient treatment for settling constant, repetitive loops, Chitta Mantra promotes relaxation, connection to one’s body, and reminds us of the peace and serenity in stillness.
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