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Resiliency & Growth

As we appreciate the richness of our forests, flowers, and wildlife in summer, we’re reminded that resilience and new growth are what allow the natural world to flourish. The same goes for us.

We simply weren’t meant to stay stagnant. Each of us learns to adapt and accept change, with every season, circumstance, and stage of life. Immersed in our intimate redwoods haven, you can reflect on your purpose, reconnect with what matters most, and replenish your innate resources. Our Woodside experts are celebrating the spirit of renewal this spring with focused retreats. Spiritual wellness provider Laurel Kidd, MDiv, and wellness coach Gillian Hood, MS, take the lead with weekend workshops and meaningful discussions that help you look within, open new doors, and cultivate skills that help you foster resiliency and growth for life.


Making the most of their specialties, Woodside professionals have created elevated programming to help you explore your resilience, growth, and inner resources in diverse and meaningful ways. Get a preview of the talented experts who’ll lead these retreats.

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Meet Gillian

Wellness coach and exercise physiologist Gillian Hood, MS, ACSM, NBC-HWC, ACC, helps people cultivate self-compassion, confidence, healthy boundaries, resiliency through life transitions, and ways to restore or redefine relationships in life. She specializes in intuitive eating, guiding people to free themselves from disordered eating, body image issues, and a life that revolves around food. Gillian is an experienced fitness coach and personal trainer with outstanding motivation skills. Whatever your intentions for your experience, Gillian will share her wisdom and expertise to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Meet Laurel

Drawn to spiritual work by age 6, every step of her journey has led Laurel Kidd, MDiv, to her spiritual wellness role at Canyon Ranch Woodside. “The trick was finding the right setting, spiritually and physically,” she says, “and now I have.” Laurel earned her divinity degree at the San Francisco Theological Seminary, then founded and worked with spiritual groups of eclectic traditions. She designed and led rituals in sound and breathwork, guided meditation, inner journeys, rites of passage, grief, relationships, career change, and personal milestones. She creates sacred spaces where small groups and individuals can connect with what is truly important.

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Canyon Ranch Woodside is a true wellness retreat with experts offering guided experiences and personal consultations every day. Check out our daily schedule for the many individual choices you can make to complement this special retreat. Resilience & Growth includes the dynamic experiences described below.

Daily Resilience Rituals
Rituals can nourish your spirit, bringing peace and connection in times of both ease and upheaval. Discover opportunities for everyday rituals that can help connect your inner and outer life, support overall health, and provide a source of resiliency. Journaling is encouraged.
Your Spiritual Ecosystem
Whether you’re discovering, creating, renewing, or refreshing a spiritual practice, developing a healthy and sustainable spiritual ecosystem can help you thrive when the storms of life roll in. Fortify your inner resources for personal growth, resiliency, and connection. Bring your journal.
Evening Resiliency Meditation
Uncover and build up the natural resilience you carry inside you. This guided meditation can help you tap into inner resources that you may have underestimated. Pajamas or comfy clothing are encouraged for this relaxing bedtime gathering.
Making Peace with Food
Banish guilt, deprivation, and shame around food. Learn how to restore your native ability to discern which foods you enjoy, what’s good for you, how much you need, and the way you feel afterward. End nutrition confusion, and listen to your body again for pleasure and satisfaction.
Build a Resilient Mindset
Your mindset affects emotions, behavior, and outcomes – your reality. So if you want to change your reality, take a look at your mindset to see what changes could lead you to the life you want. Discover how you can build resilience in thought patterns, self-talk, and how you handle change.
Your Resilience Plan
Resilience was the word of the year for 2020, and its importance remains clear. Learn how to bounce back from adversity with strength and optimism. Build a personal resilience plan that prepares you for any future setbacks and will help you adapt and grow through challenges.

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