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Personal Adventure to Happiness

What was your world like when the pandemic put everything on hold? Looking ahead to reconnecting with friends, family, and people who matter, this is a good time to assess where you are now and make intentional decisions to redefine, restore, and re-enter relationships. Everything, especially relationships, are best when we first connect with our authentic self. To do that, we must transform the mindless chatter in our brain. Nina Clark Ericson, PhD, will use science-based wisdom to help you transform fear-based, self-limiting thinking into thoughts that serve you.

Dr. Ericson introduces you to the seven-step PATH® process to help you develop neural thought pathways that shut down internal chatter and keep you on the path to your best self. As we transition out of an isolating collective experience, PATH training holds special value for couples and individuals seeking connections. This life-enriching event will be a perfect complement to your Woodside retreat experience.

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Meet Nina Clark Ericson, PHD

As creator of the Personal Adventure to Happiness (PATH) method, Dr. Ericson has taught individuals, couples, families, and business leaders how to live more empowered, authentic, and happier lives for over 20 years. She integrates several different methods of psychotherapy, life coaching, and Equus Coaching (coaching with horses, not riding). Dr. Ericson specializes in coaching singles to find and create a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Her unique method has been featured in Vanity Fair and Nob Hill Gazette. She is the life coach columnist for Haute Living, San Francisco.

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