Inspiring Leadership in Work & Life

Inspiring Leadership in Work & Life

The beauty and serenity of Woodside sets the scene for four days dedicated to the art of inspiration.

We know how challenging it can be to consistently bring your A game, to have your best days most often. You are called to creative, efficient and drive results, all while technology, the competitive environment and your responsibilities are changing at an increasingly fast pace. It can be challenging to balance your own workload and performance with building extraordinary teams and culture. It is easy to become overworked, overwhelmed and burned out.

Put simply, in order to create the most innovative, agile, and healthy organizations for the future, you are going to need new resources. And the most critical resource for sustainable organizational performance is inspiration. Using practices outlined in the new book Dare to Inspire, this retreat will teach you how to:

  • Activate your best days more often
  • Uncover your leader impact mission, game changing goal and inspiration game plan
  • Spark, sustain and scale inspiration intentionally, using research based “engines” to unleash and fuel your creativity and drive performance
Jen Grace Baron and Laura Campbell are two of the powerful forces behind InspireCorps, an inspiration strategy firm.

"At the highest level, we dare companies to inspire because we know that inspired people drive success. We partner with companies who invest in growth in bold and innovative ways to scale and sustain inspiration at all levels and in every part of their business.

In our book Dare to Inspire, we make the case that inspiration is the most valuable and essential resource for leading into the future, and one that is undervalued and threatened every day. We have unlocked the hidden code of what inspiration is, how it works and how to cultivate and sustain it in people, teams and organizations.

We also know that a leader’s first job is to inspire him/herself. Inspiring leaders and teams are the building blocks for producing disproportionately positive business results."


This retreat is designed to introduce participants to inspiration as a most critical resource and to teach how to ignite it, sustain it and scale it for themselves and their organization. Woodside, with all its beauty, provides the perfect environment for open, expansive thinking, fosters an ability to see things in new ways and provides a stimulating environment for growing and learning.

The Path to Leadership
Dig into the journey to leadership and set yourself up to become a better one by developing your own “Leader Manifesto.” Build the confidence you need to tackle your home and work life with newfound zeal and zest.
What Inspiration Really Means
Understand the term “inspiration” and connect with what truly inspires you. Give yourself permission to follow your passions and learn how to use your inspirations to ignite success in personal and professional situations.
Discover Your Best Self
Breakthrough emotionally by outlining your values and strengths, and learn how to leverage them to discover your “Best Reflected Self.”
Plan for the Future
Walk away from the retreat with a tangible game plan – the right tools that you need to make those lofty intentions reality.
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