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Celebrate Nature & Outdoor Adventures

Summer is meant for joy, discovery, and spending time outdoors. Make the most of it at Canyon Ranch Woodside, where serenity surrounds you, hiking and biking trails excite you, and ancient redwoods inspire you.

Unleash your adventurous side as you join our nature-loving trail guides on special summer treks – expect spectacular scenery, a great workout, and pure exhilaration. Take an inner journey on a beautiful trail, guided by a spiritual wellness expert. Take a Fitness in the Forest class or a wildflower hike. Reconnect with nature, with you, with community, and what matters most in life. Savor meals created with locally grown foods brimming with the tastes and aromas of summer, complete with the nourishment you need for your next exciting adventure.

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Meet Tim

Hit the trail with Senior Outdoor Sports Guide Tim Murray, who enthusiastically shares his love of nature. Skilled as a team builder, trainer, and certified in wilderness first aid, Tim gauges adventures and experiences to suit groups and individual ability levels. He’ll help you safely challenge your limits, overcome obstacles, and build confidence. He’s at home in the outdoors and can answer your questions about plants, wildlife, and local terrain. Tim and his team of guides are ready to help you fine-tune existing skills and expand your horizons so you can enjoy more of what nature has to offer.

Under a Redwoods Canopy

Explore the energizing Woodside retreat environment on your own or with others. Enjoy creative arts classes, group activities, personal services, and private consultations. Most of all, we hope you’ll get outside and play this summer, and that you take that joyful feeling home with you.

Listen to the Quiet
Escape the noise and tune into a bird’s serenade, a summer breeze, the scent of pines, and your own thoughts. In this secluded redwoods retreat, explore whichever trails call to you. Renew your spirit with a sense of abundance and possibility.
Summer Table
Executive Chef Isabelle Jackson Nunes works with local farms, ranches, and purveyors to bring you the best of summer’s bounty. With culinary passion and multicultural wisdom, she creates innovative dishes and a cordial environment that are a Woodside highlight.
Fireside Chats
Gather safely and experience the natural sense of community and warmth at our frequent fireside chats. Experts lead conversations on fascinating topics, and everyone has a chance to share thoughts, ask questions, and connect in friendship.
Endless Daily Choices
Our summer outdoor adventure weekends perfectly complement your retreat experiences. Choose from mind-body activities, guided outings, fitness classes, wellness consultations, spa treatments, spiritual discovery, and more. Check out the possibilities.

Enhance Your Retreat
Explore the area with guided hikes, mountain biking and nearby Equus Coaching®. Reward body and mind with treatments like the Hiker’s Retreat Massage, Forest Aromatherapy Massage, or Organic Ode Facial.

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