A Well-Designed Life – Aligning Your Brain, Body & Soul

A Well-Designed Life – Aligning Your
Brain, Body & Soul

This four-day retreat is dedicated to rituals, experiences and practices that stimulate the brain in meaningful ways to help you break out of negative or harmful patterns of behavior, based upon research by Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH. The retreat also explores connection and ways to interact more deeply with place, person and self. Such connection is vital to combating our modern epidemic of loneliness, largely driven by our digital distraction and disconnection with our Earth home, as well as to fellow heartful humans. Dr. Bobinet designed this retreat, in part, with an intention to bring you “home”.

During this intensive group experience, Dr. Bobinet and her colleagues will guide techniques for you to reclaim your energy, build states of well-being and tap into a deeper connection with your spirit. The retreat leverages the natural resources of Woodside to help you fully connect with the moment, with the goal of inspiring change. You will enjoy nature-based rituals, such as forest bathing and gathering wildcrafted medicinal tea. You will learn to release your ego through liberating movement and connect to your body strength and health through guided mindfulness. Finally, you will discover how to release what no longer serves you through self-compassion rituals that are grounded in science.

In the spirit of the new year, dedicate 2020 to ideas of evolution and change, and gain the knowledge and experience needed to bring meaningful behavioral change to your life. Craft a fulfilling vision to live your best 2020. Working with simple brain science concepts and creative, fun design techniques, you will create a visual artifact. Go home with your realistic, but bold, 2020 vision board – full of newfound energy, self-mastery and deep clarity.

Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH

On paper, Harvard and Stanford-educated Dr. Kyra Bobinet has accomplishments aplenty, including having founded her own business dedicated to neuroscience and design-thinking and having authored a bestselling book on the two topics. But the depth of this medical-meets-holistic-meets-scientist-meets-entrepreneurial expert is so much greater than that.


and her MPH from Harvard. She is a well-known keynote speaker on health and well-being. Her bestselling book, Well Designed Life: 10 Lessons in Brain Science and Design Thinking for a Mindful, Healthy, and Purposeful Life is considered required reading for health innovators.

To her tribe and elders, Dr. Bobinet is known as Memengwakwe, “Butterfly Woman,” an agent of change and transformation. In this role, she is a caretaker of 160 acres of redwood ecosystem in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where she is building a neuroscience

Like you, Dr. Bobinet lives in two worlds – the spiritual and the physical – making her the perfect guide to integrating and aligning all aspects of yourself in both realms. She is known as a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur/CEO and Stanford Medicine consulting faculty member to the outside world. In this role, she has grown her company to make the Inc 1000 the past two years. She is pioneering a behavior science-based weight loss product with Walmart to reach hundreds of millions of people at low cost. She received her MD from UCSF

design center to train professionals in designing behavior change. She practices natural horsewomanship and communication, which humbles her regularly. She is a student of bird language and a teacher and a healer of life, recently adopting the study of plants and practice with herclibal remedies as healing modalities. A mother of four kids, she also is an adopted second mother to many more who look to her as their “clan mother.” She is blessed to be a soulmate/wife to Josh, her life partner. Finally, she loves to laugh, and to try to make others laugh, too!

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This retreat partners with the redwood ecosystem, which Dr. Bobinet, a Native American physician and healer, has worked with for 25 years. Redwoods are both soft and sturdy, gentle and hard – offering the perfect metaphorical classroom for deep alignment to one’s truth. Redwoods are healers, if you let them, and their companion plants are medicinal in a number of ways. You will go beyond being a tourist, and take a step toward becoming more native to this Earth you inhabit.

Nurturing Nature
Deeply connect with the Woodside setting and learn how to build off the transformative effects of nature in your quest towards change. You will engage in activities designed to help you release what you need to and fully ground and connect you with the moment, including Native-style walking with the option to go barefoot, meditative sessions in your sacred nature spot and a group session that will see you build a cleansing fire together.
Everything in the retreat is backed by neuroscience. Enjoy sessions dedicated to mindfulness, gentle biomimicry-based movement exercise classes, wellness presentations and more.
Design For Living
Understand the concept of Life Design and engage in sessions meant to help you craft your perfect life. Engage in life design journaling that catalyzes your deepest level of insights. Through guided soul journeys, you will get unstuck from fears and unlock your next level of intention and confidence.
Meaningful Meals
So much more than mealtimes, breaking bread during this retreat takes on deeper meanings. Enjoy silent breakfasts, where you will practice mindful eating – smiling lunches, where you will discover true joy; and appreciation dinners, where you will practice appreciation for everyone person at the communal table.
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