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The natural wonders around us move and motivate. And helping preserve our forest surroundings for future generations is one of our greatest callings. Here, a few eco-friendly things we’re doing at our retreat to minimize our impact on our environment:

Water Conservation and Recycling
All storm and wastewater is collected, purified, and used to water the forest.

Green Groundskeeping Practices
We do not remove trees unless they are diseased, dead, or at risk of falling. If trees must be felled, they are used in other ways, such as being made into steps or benches, or turned into chips for fertilizer.

Green Laundry Practices
Daily washing of room linens is only performed when requested. Additionally, environmentally friendly laundry products are exclusively used.

Efficient Energy Use
LED and energy-efficient solutions are employed wherever possible.

Proactive Efforts to Reduce Waste
We actively work to reduce our waste output – digital technology, such as in-room iPads and information screens throughout the property, decrease paper usage, guest bathrooms are equipped with dispensers in place of individual amenity bottles, and guests are given reusable water bottles, which can be filled at dispenses located around the property.

Culinary Program Grounded in Community Supported Agriculture
We take pride in serving thoughtfully curated menus driven by local regenerative farmers and ranchers who exercise proper stewardship of Northern California’s farming and range lands. Additionally, San Mateo County has awarded us “As Fresh As It Gets” certification, and we have partnered with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch.

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