Canyon Ranch Wellness Retreat – Woodside offers rooms in the main retreat lodge, as well as two dozen unique treehouses surrounded by a redwood canopy. There are 38 rooms total, creating an intimate, communal experience.

The treehouses are elevated onto stilts into the trees, and have been constructed in a horseshoe shape. Each treehouse sits on one of the 12 meridian lines of Chinese medicine, allowing for free flow of qi and emphasizing harmony.

In the center of the treehouses is a labyrinth, which was modeled after a labyrinth found in a 13th-century church in France.

The design blends indoors and outdoors, creating an immersion within the redwoods. Tones and surfaces are inspired by the retreat’s surroundings, including a palate of muted moss green and slate-colored greys, and textural elements of woodgrain and marble.

Each room has been stylishly remodeled and redesigned by the Canyon Ranch Design & Development team, in collaboration with Cole Martinez Curtis & Associates.

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