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Culinary Experience

Gather at The Hearth, where the inviting setting creates a feel that’s as much about the people as it is about your plate. Dynamic Executive Chef Isabelle Jackson Nunes has forged a connection between Canyon Ranch Wellness Retreat – Woodside and local food purveyors. Working with regenerative farmers and ranchers to source the highest quality, locally raised, grown, and gathered ingredients creates an experience to nourish the body, the senses, and the planet. Nearby Bay Area farms, makers, and artisans are a source of constant inspiration, season over season, and the health retreat is proud to offer collaborative educational opportunities.

Chef Isabelle presents meals driven by wellness philosophies including root-to-stem use of vegetables and fruits, meat raised by humane animal husbandry practices, and ingredients and beverages that respect and do not strain the region’s natural resources here in Northern California. Our goal is to maintain a healthy balance with nature. We accommodate all food preferences and restrictions.


Fruit Parfait – Coconut Chia Pudding / Summer Fruit / CR Woodside Granola
Plant-Based Wrap – Roasted Potatoes / Mushroom “Chorizo” / Summer Squash
Shakshuka – Ben’s Eggs / Dry Farmed Tomato / Spicy Yogurt / Granola / Parsley
Grits – Cauliflower / Markegard Pork Sausage / Herb Salad / Egg
Classic Breakfast Burrito – Potatoes / Eggs / Cheese / Markegard Pork Sausage

Farmer’s Market Fava & Pea Greens – Freshly Picked Herbs
Markegard Family Grass-Fed Lamb & Beef – Fermented Garlic / Feta / Parsley
Beet Falafel – Pine Nuts / Cumin / Parsley
Real Good Fish Seasonal Catch Pilaki – Tomato / Garlic / Thyme
Grilled Halloumi – Shaved Carrot / Turmeric Dressing
Cucumber Salad – Preserved Lemon / Calabrian Chilis / Spicy Hazelnut

Far West Fungi Mushroom and Rye Panzanella – Frisee / Sherry / Castelvetrano Olives
Hearth-Roasted Artichokes – Lemon Aioli
Harley Farms Ravioloni – Sunchoke / Chevre / Fennel / Brown Butter
Markegard Family Pasture-Raised Freedom Ranger Chicken – Spring Peas / Pistachio / Fine Herb Pancake
Real Good Fish Sustainable Catch – Italian Salsa Verde

Harley Farms Chevre & Lavender Tart
Tahini Chocolate Brownie
Lemon Verbena Sorbet
TCHO Chocolate-Chia Pudding
Tiramisu Panna Cotta – Vanilla Lady Fingers

The Hideaway
A connected nook off The Hearth, the inviting Hideaway bar and lounge offers carefully selected local libations including natural, biodynamic, and organic wine, beer and ciders available for purchase by the bottle.

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