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In Conversation with Canyon Ranch CEO Jeff Kuster

Oct 28 2021
2 min read
Canyon Ranch CEO Jeff Kuster.

Canyon Ranch CEO Jeff Kuster was selected for the first-ever wellness travel podcast presented by Luxury Travel Insider. No surprise at all.

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As the pioneers of vision-driven wellness travel, it’s essential that Canyon Ranch leadership reflects those ideals professionally and personally. In an interview with wellness travel expert Sarah Groen, Jeff reveals his genuine passion for Canyon Ranch, from its fascinating roots in Tucson to the life-changing opportunities that make a powerful difference for guests every day.

Find out how Jeff first came to know about Canyon Ranch (yes, his wife was a factor) and the a-ha experience that impacted his life while here. He tells stories about Canyon Ranch Founder Mel Zuckerman, some remarkable guests, and how the five pillars of wellness serve to guide and inspire the entire team of integrative experts.

While a CEO probably shouldn’t play favorites, Jeff spills about some places, experiences, and people you might look for at the wellness destinations in Tucson, AZ, Lenox, MA, or Woodside CA. It's all part of this unique, insider look at what makes Canyon Ranch world-renowned.

Listen to the podcast:

02:12 – About Jeff’s favorite spot on the property

04:35 – What the interesting stories from the early days are

05:51 – Who Jeff’s favorite character who visited the ranch is

08:42 – How did Jeff’s journey bring him to the property

15:28 – Why you should visit the resort in the Berkshires

17:54 – About the “satellites” of Canyon Ranch

19:43 – Behind the scene details and life changing stories

25:10 – How the pillars of wellness work

30:55 – What the unique intention people come with is

32:22 – About Jeff’s favorite wellness activities

34:29 – What you will learn about the world after visiting the Canyon Ranch