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The Canyon Ranch Food Philosophy

Our food philosophy is simple, healthy and clean. We favor organic and free-range whole foods and ingredients – from pesticide-free non-GMO produce, to humanely raised hormone and antibiotic-free meats, grass-fed beef and sustainably caught or raised seafood. Our Arizona resort even partners with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program to support healthy oceans and to ensure we help minimize the environmental impact of fishing.

salad of various radishes and other vegies on white plateWe only source real ingredients – those that are unprocessed, free of additives, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and unhealthy fats. We always offer vegan and gluten-free options at every meal and we can accommodate some kosher and allergen-free requests. Although our Tucson and Lenox destinations are alcohol-free environments,  we don’t disapprove of alcohol. Guests are welcome to bring alcohol to Canyon Ranch to consume in their rooms. However, our holistic resorts provide the perfect opportunity to both reflect on existing patterns and choices and experience how good healthy living feels without alcohol. We do serve alcohol at Canyon Ranch spa + fitness in Las Vegas. There we offer organic, sustainable and biodynamic wines, beers and spirits, and cocktails made with nutritious homemade mixers.

Healthier eating. For life.
Your health is your top priority – and ours. Everything we serve during your getaway meets an exacting set of nutritional standards, monitored for accuracy by independent laboratory testing.

Organic vegetables and fruits, legumes, whole grains, lean proteins, nuts and healthy oils – we only work with the cleanest most nutrient-dense foods and each dish features complete nutritional information.

Clean and committed.
We actively monitor the latest research on wholesome ingredients and healthy eating, favoring organic vegetables and whole grains while de-emphasizing (but not excluding) animal proteins.

If you have significant food allergies or complex dietary restrictions, please contact Personal Dietary Needs Staff prior to your arrival at 888-708-0769, or email

 watermelon salad


Canyon Ranch Grill
Full-service dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Dinner reservations can be made through your Program Advisor or Dining Host.

Double U Café
Refreshing and healthy grab n’ go snacks, smoothies and coffee drinks available from 5:30am – 2pm daily

Demonstration Kitchen- Currently Closed
Daily complimentary Lunch & Learn demonstrations and for-fee Hands-On Cooking classes.

Available All Day
Fruit and beverages in the Spa and Clubhouse.
Coffee and snacks at the Canyon Ranch Grill™.

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Wellness Resort
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Wellness Resort
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Las Vegas, NV
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