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Fitness Facilities

Please make use of any of our spectacular resort facilities during your getaway.

Cardio & Strength Gym

Innovative workout facilities at our Arizona resort are equipped with computerized stationary bicycles, treadmills, selectorized weight machines, Precor® EFX® machines, Functional Fitness System, free weights, stair machines, rowing ...
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This beautiful, dedicated fitness space at our Arizona resort features all the equipment you need for a total-body Pilates workout: reformers, barrels, Wunda chair, GYROTONIC® Tower and more. Take advantage of clinics, private sessions and our ...
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Private Personal Training & Yoga Studio

We provide dedicated spaces at our Tucson wellness resort for private training, one-on-one yoga and mind-body lessons. Our peaceful Yoga Studio is used for group classes.

Sports Equipment

We will be delighted to lend you a bike, racquet, basketball or pickleball paddles during your health and fitness getaway at Canyon Ranch Tucson. Table tennis equipment is also available. Inquire at the Spa Reception Desk.
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Squash, Racquetball, Pickleball & Wallyball

Play any of these fast-paced sports to burn calories and to get a good workout. Use of our resort courts is complimentary and equipment, including protective eyewear, is available at the Spa Reception Desk. Check the Daily Schedule for wallyball ...
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Tennis Courts

Use of our 3 hard courts and 2 Omni Courts (AstroTurf and sand) is complimentary during your wellness getaway at Canyon Ranch Tucson.  


Canyon Ranch exercise professionals are among the best in the world, and they can be invaluable in helping you establish or refine a customized exercise routine – no matter what your current fitness level. Graduate-degreed exercise physiologists can assess your preferences, health history, goals and needs and design a fitness program just for you. Certified personal trainers can work through your program with coaching and demonstration, so you experience each movement and exercise to take home.
Note: Dress for exercise, including footwear.

Body Composition Screening

With a simple eight-minute test, our Bod Pod® device will accurately measure your body fat and lean body mass percentages. An exercise physiologist at the resort will review and explain your results. NOTE FOR CLOTHING: Minimal, tight-fitting ...
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Balance Assessment

Using state-of-the art Biodex® equipment, an exercise physiologist at the resort will assess your fall risk, balance, proprioception (your sense of where you are in space). You’ll receive a targeted plan to improve balance and mind-body ...
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Comprehensive Exercise Assessment

Find out how your fitness level compares with others your age. You can retake these tests over time to see the impact of your exercise program. Part I (50 minutes) – Physical assessment: Bod Pod® body composition test to measure body fat and ...
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MAT: Muscle Activation Technique

Based on the Roskopf Principle – “Muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness” – MAT therapy is a systematic approach for evaluating and correcting muscular imbalances that contribute to stiffness, injury and pain, tight or weak ...
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Discover your Fitness Age

How old you are and how old you feel may be two different things. Your fitness age is an indication of how well your body is performing with the passage of time. By calculating your fitness age in each of five areas, you’ll discover which areas ...
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Customized Program Design

Get a workout program designed by an exercise physiologist and tailored to your preferences, skills, limitations, and goals. Whether you’re looking for a program that can fit into your busy work or school schedule, help you maximize your sports performance with speed, strength and agility, or just make you feel more youthful and energetic – you’re in the right place.

RX for Exercise

Kick-start a new exercise program to get in shape, or get a fresh take on your current routine. Our personal fitness experts help you increase cardiovascular fitness/stamina, muscle mass and strength, or improve endurance, core stability, balance, ...
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Exercise for Weight Loss & Body Definition

Meet with an exercise physiologist at the resort to design a customized exercise program to optimize your exercise time, maximize metabolism, increase lean body mass, build muscle and promote sustainable, long-lasting weight loss. 50 minutes  |  ...
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Athletic Conditioning in the Water

Cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength, power and endurance can be safely improved by walking and running in water, aquatic jump training, tethering, resistance training and deep-water work. An exercise physiologist at the resort shows you ...
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Burdenko Land or Water Exercise

Training with the Burdenko Method improves the six essential quality of fitness: balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, speed and strength. People at beginning fitness levels benefit from improved coordination and balance; athletes hone ...
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Personal Training

Individual Session – One-on-one attention is essential for beginners, people with restrictions and/or limitations and those who desire in-depth, customized work.

Duet Session – Share a session with a friend, partner, parent or child (ideally, you should be at the same level of fitness).

Small Group (three to five people) or Large Group (6 or more)
Session – Customize your group private session to include the many different class modalities offered.

Private Fitness Training

Your one-of-a-kind body calls for a one-of-a-kind workout plan. Personal trainers at our Tucson resort hold the industry’s top certifications and have the experience to create a customized program that suits your individual needs, goals and ...
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Private Mind-Body Practice

Experience greater peace and balance through mindfulness and self-care practices from around the world. Connect body and mind through tai chi, meditation or breathing practices. Our expert staff helps you explore these gentle yet powerful ...
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Private Pilates or Gyrotonics Training

Get stronger, leaner and more flexible – in body and mind. Our wellness experts help you expand your limits using the Balanced Body Tower Reformer, GYROTONIC® Tower, Ladder Barrel, Split-Pedal Stability Chair and Trapeze Table (Cadillac). ...
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Private Yoga Practice

Find greater balance in life with this long-honored mind-body practice. Get inspiring personal guidance from our wellness experts to help you enjoy all the benefits of your yoga practice. Great for beginners or for those who want to enhance their ...
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Private Aerial Yoga

Get a new perspective on yoga during this unique session with fitness experts at Canyon Ranch. Incorporate nontraditional poses and exercises using a flexible fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling. Try it once, you’ll want more 50 ...
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Part I (50 minutes) – Get a personal plan for the yoga practice that suits you best. An expert will help you develop goals based on your dosha (physical constitution) and create balance through pranayama (breathing), meditation, mudras (hand ...
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Good Posture For Life

Your posture affects how you think and feel, and how others perceive you. During this private fitness session, your movement therapist at the resort will assess your posture and make recommendations you can apply at home. Depending on your goals, ...
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