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Women, Sensuality & Health with Nicola Finley, MD

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At the end of the day, you may feel exhausted, uninterested, eager for sensual pleasure or stuck in neutral. All understandable. Women’s health expert Nicola Finley, MD, of Canyon Ranch Tucson, and special guest Kristen Mark, PhD, of University of Kentucky and the Kinsey Institute, along with top Ranch experts, lead an exploration into female sexuality – with insights into common and uncommon questions.

You’ll hear integrative viewpoints based on Western medicine, psychology, energy work, massage, exercise and spiritual approaches. Through group discussions, professional presentations and private consultations, find out how you can cultivate personal pleasure, enhanced relationships and overall health.

The Canyon Ranch environment is a friendly, stress-free, safe space for exploring this topic together.

Meet the Experts

You won't meet a more dynamic or knowledgeable team than Nicole Finley, MD, and Kristen Mark, PhD. Their distinctive approaches and specialties give you the guidance and information you need. They're also warm, understanding and will make you feel right at home.

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Wise Perspectives

You'll be in the company of extraordinary women who share your interests – and leading experts whose guidance is sought nationwide. They'll make sure that you are heard and that your concerns are addressed.

Wise Perspectives



Wise, friendly and always approachable, Dr. Finley is the perfect person to discuss intimate questions with in confidence and comfort. She's board-certified in internal medicine, a graduate of Brown University and George Washington University School of Medicine, and has completed a fellowship in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona. She has pursued a special focus on women’s health and sexuality issues.

At Canyon Ranch, Dr. Finley takes a unique integrative approach to female sexual wellness. Her own healthy lifestyle routine includes dance, hiking, yoga, scuba diving and spiritual pursuits. She is also available for private consultations with couples and individuals.




Sexuality and relationships are both fascinating and mystifying. Dr. Mark focuses on these areas and shares her knowledge in accessible terms. A behavioral health scientist trained in psychology and public health, she is Assistant Professor and Director of the Sexual Health Promotion Lab at University of Kentucky as well as Affiliate Faculty at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University.

Dr. Mark's specialties include: sexual desire and desire discrepancies; sexual satisfaction; attraction and infidelity; sexual well-being and more. She's particularly interested in the way all these topics impact sexual pleasure and intertwine with relationships.

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Event Highlights

Join us for workshops, classes and presentations with our women's health experts along with nutritionists, fitness professionals and life management specialists.

We'll talk about body image, cook up some aphrodisiacs, learn exercises for greater pleasure, and find out if men and women really do speak different languages.

Holistic View of Sexuality
Sexuality is entwined with mind, body, spirit, relationships, self-care, body image and overall wellness. Delve into these topics from the vantage of Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, energy healing, nutrition, exercise, spirituality and other perspectives that might surprise you.
You & Your Other
Interest rises and falls. One wants this, the other wants that. Learn how to best approach sexual discrepancies in desire between you and your partner. And explore the ways sexual and relationship satisfaction are connected – and can be enhanced.
Your Pleasure
Many women are used to putting other people first. Let's put the light on you. Learn about the possibilities for you – and your partner – with everything from yoga for sensuality to intimate toys and a review of research on the mating sounds of birds – and the rest of us.
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