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Vastu Shastra with Michael & Robin Mastro

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Make your home a haven that reduces stress, supports productivity and enhances wellness. That’s the purpose of the ancient art of Vastu Shastra  – yoga for the home  – which is drawn from the same wisdom texts as yoga, meditation and ayurveda. Michael and Robin Mastro are the foremost practitioners of Vastu Shastra in North America, and they’ll share inspiring ideas for creating a transformative home environment.

Take home a new understanding of millennia-old principles you can use today to create your optimal living environment.

Event Highlights

Find out why businesses and individuals around the world consult with the Michael and Robin Mastro on architecture, design and well-being. In four special presentations, the Mastros share extensive knowledge of the history, practice and power of Vastu Shastra.

Keys to Happiness
Michael and Robin Mastro apply their expertise in Vastu Shastra, meditation and yoga to present powerful, everyday tools that increase joy through breathing, meditation, astrology and creating a stress-free, joyful environment.
Design for Health & Well-Being
Learn ancient secrets, supported by modern research, that help reduce stress, fortify health, attract success, draw opportunity and improve relationships at home and at work.
DIY Design & Creating Sacred Space
Learn how you can arrange your spaces for enhanced energy flow, creativity, clarity and overall wellness while creating an “altar” in your own environment that provides a space for reflection and calm.
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