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Uncovering The Link Between Trauma & Addiction

Seeking guidance in the process of recovery or looking for insights on how to help a loved one? Celebrate self-renewal in an all-healthy environment and move forward with your highest intentions. This event is designed to remove the stigma from the conversation. An integrative and in-depth look at the entangled link between trauma and addiction.

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Amy Hawthorne, MS, LMFT specializes in getting to the root of issues quickly, helping guests to identify shame-based messages, past traumas and maladaptive relationship patterns. Amy believes the only true path to long-lasting, meaningful change is through the cultivation of self-compassion and gaining personal insight and awareness. She helps guests achieve this through her direct, yet compassionate style of therapy.


Learn about our trauma and addiction guest experts, Kathleen Parrish MA, LPC, and David Cato, LCSW, TCT, SEP.

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Kathleen Parrish is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 1991 and a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Master of Arts Degree in Religious Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1999. Kathleen has worked in private practice, outpatient treatment, and residential treatment settings.


David Cato began working at Sierra Tucson in April 2008 and holds a Master of Social Work from Arizona State University. He is a Somatic Experiencing® Therapy Practitioner, certified Transgender Care Therapist, and a licensed clinical social worker. He has worked with substance abuse disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, co-dependency, grief/loss and trauma.

Her work with trauma survivors spans over 25 years, focusing on story, mindfulness, and self-compassion.

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Canyon Ranch experts in Life Management come together with locally recognized experts to offer insightful pathways toward understanding and healing. From neurobiology of addiction and stress management, to attachment styles and fostering healthy relationships, take a closer look in supportive and positive surroundings.

Nurture vs. Nature
Amy Hawthorne shares how factors of genetics, environmental trauma and stress affect dependency and recovery; while learning to foster emotional maturity and healthy relationships.
Daily 12-Step Open Recovery Meeting
Share experiences with fellow guests at daily virtual meetings based on AA principles. Learn about the options of support for you or your loved ones. Applies to all fellowships. See Daily Schedule for the link to join the meeting.
Triumph Over Trauma
Kathleen Parrish takes a close look at the rise of complex global trauma and how what’s happening in the world around you can trigger personal feelings of discomfort. Learn to work through the “noise” and find triumph in every day.
Trauma, Attachment & Recovery
David Cato shares insights about the impact of trauma on attachment styles and relational systems vital to every day life. Explore ways to heal attachment wounds and have functional relationships.

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