Step It Up with Steph

You’re highly accomplished in many areas so what makes weight loss such a challenge? Stephanie Mansour – health, fitness and weight loss expert – has practical advice to get you moving toward your goal. Getting real and getting results, starting now. 

You’ve likely seen Steph already on The Dr. Oz Show, Today, CNN and other national venues. Her famous Step It Up program has propelled countless people toward their personal goals, with ideas and inspiration for everyone. Whether it’s a matter of willpower, lack of time, not enough knowledge or a reason all your own, Steph has lifestyle hacks and motivational tips up her sleeve that will move you beyond excuses and into your power zone.

Meet Steph

She's dynamic, she's fun, and she's learned about weight loss through personal experience. Stephanie Mansour, Certified Professional Life Coach and BA in Communications (focused on Women's Studies and Psychology), helps even the busiest people find ways to stay fit and lose weight and stay fit. With certifications in personal training, yoga and Pilates, she combines expertise, personal wisdom and an innovative mindset. Why not stretch while you brush your teeth?

Step It Up with Steph

In special presentations, Stephanie Mansour gives you weight loss strategies you can use in everyday life.

Trick Yourself Into Working Out
You know what you should do, so what's stopping you? Steph talks about the psychological games you can play with yourself – and win. Like one-word mantras to get you up and moving. An mini-workouts throughout the day that add up to full-body results.
Best Workouts for Your Age & Goals
You age. You change. So should your workouts. Steph explains why your old routine might not be working now and how you can identify the best type of exercise for you. A personal assessment can help you focus on high intensity, yoga, Pilates, meditation and other practices.
How to Reframe Your Self-Talk
Sending yourself negative messages? Transform the way your inner voice whispers – or sometimes yells – at you. Learn how you can be kinder, loving and more supportive toward yourself. Walk away with the tools for a gentle change of heart.
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