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PRESENCE: Mindfulness in the Modern World

Every day you intend to be more mindful – to experience each moment with gratitude, clarity and focus. Life is so busy, though, with nonstop distractions and hectic schedules. Learn how you can truly practice mindfulness in our busy world.

Experts at the Life Enhancement Center have long focused on mindfulness as a research-proven contributor to better health and greater contentment. In this immersive group experience, you’ll practice techniques that turn the goal of mindfulness into your daily reality.




About the Life Enhancement Center

The tranquil, self-contained Life Enhancement Center® – complete with gyms, locker room, dining room and classroom – is home base for the PRESENCE program, where you learn, practice and experience the daily routines of healthy living. Experts in life management, spirituality, fitness, medicine, nutrition and movement provide unlimited support and inspiration – and they make sure you take home the best tools for long-term success.

PRESENCE: Mindfulness in the Modern World

Every Canyon Ranch stay is packed with healthy choices – PRESENCE: Mindfulness in the Modern World pulls together all the right elements with an exclusive curriculum offered in a private setting. You interact throughout the week with dedicated experts and fellow participants, building knowledge, confidence and supportive relationships.

Tuition for the PRESENCE program is $500 above your package rate.

Canyon Ranch Members, please call 800.742.9000 to book your Life Enhancement Center experience.

Back to Nature. Your Nature
Far removed from the usual rush and commotion, rediscover your connection to nature and the wonders that come with each moment. Through guided experiences and personal exploration, learn how you can nurture that connection wherever you are.
Mind, Body & You
Restore balance through activities such as yoga, meditation, mindful eating and journaling. With expert guidance, discover ways to fortify the mind-body connection – an invaluable gift in frenzied times.
Everyday Mindfulness
Being mindful is not reserved for special times and practices. Learn how you can be more present and grateful as you go through your day. Make your work more rewarding, meals meaningful and daily routines fresh and interesting.
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