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NEW YOU: Your Way Forward

Even as we look toward better times, you may emerge from the challenges of 2020 with questions and changed perspectives, wondering where you go from here. At the Life Enhancement Center® in Tucson, Arizona, you can reflect, recover, and set new goals with the help of Ranch experts and supportive group dynamics.

Like many people, you may feel depressed, anxious, fatigued, confused, or helpless after a prolonged period of isolation and uncertainty. Discover how you can move forward, using what you’ve learned about yourself to take control and create new possibilities. Focus on what lies ahead: the path to a new you.

As our gift of health to you, we’re currently waiving the usual $500 program tuition.

Please note that dates of this retreat are subject to change.

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The tranquil, self-contained Life Enhancement Center® – complete with gyms, locker room, dining room and classroom – is home base for the holistic NEW YOU program, where you learn, practice and experience the daily routines of healthy living. Experts in life management, spirituality, fitness, medicine, nutrition, and movement provide unlimited support and inspiration – and they make sure you take home the best tools for long-term success.


Every all-inclusive Canyon Ranch getaway is filled with opportunities to grow and explore as you manage life and its constant changes. NEW YOU pulls it all together, an exclusive curriculum for self discovery in a private setting at our Arizona resort.

You'll engage throughout with the same experts and fellow participants, building confidence, knowledge, and lasting relationships along the way.

These Extraordinary Times
The pandemic and other recent challenges have tested people’s patience, beliefs, and inner resources. The toll it’s taken calls for special attention and reflection. Join us for this healing experience to discover who you’ve become and where you want to go.
The Experience
Gain clarity and reset life goals. With a full roster of wellness presentations by specialists, fitness classes, hands-on experiences, nutritious dining, private consultations, and a life coaching session, you can clear away obstacles and see your way forward.
The Place, the Team & You
In a nurturing environment, our team of medical, nutrition, exercise physiology, spiritual wellness, and life management experts guide and inspire you at this healing retreat. You’ll be immersed in healthy living, dine on healthy cuisine, and enjoy the camaraderie of a supportive group.
All That You Gain
Strategic curriculum and supportive group dynamics help you recharge mind, body, and optimism. You’ll feel empowered and confident again. Address any personal concerns – from depression to weight gain or anger – and take home a plan you can live with.

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