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Healing Power of Horses with Devon Combs

This event has been postponed.

Children feel it right away – a sense of wonder and connection with horses. Equine Gestalt Coach Devon Combs has taken that natural connection with horses to its deepest level. Known as the equestrian of the wellness world, Devon and her horse partners have helped countless people reconnect with their courage and intuition.

In this special retreat, you can move from the path you “should” be on to find the one your heart craves:
• Discover true acceptance and innate sensitivity.
• Experience what it means to be naturally in the moment.
• Connect on an emotional and physical level – give your mind a rest.
• Get unstuck so you can move ahead.
• Do less and “be” more.

And where better for this experience than the iconic Arizona desert?


Genevieve Shaw Brown

GMA Travel and Lifestyle Editor experiences the Healing Power of Horses at Canyon Ranch

“I tried horse therapy and it changed the way I see my life”



This four-day retreat includes a Welcome & Closing Ceremony, an opening session with a group dinner, two equine therapy sessions and a trail ride at nearby stables in beautiful desert scenery. No horse experience is necessary. 

Retreat fee: $1,100. You’ll save 15% on your all-inclusive EveryStay rate.

Please call 800.749.9000 to book this amazing retreat.

Canyon Ranch Members – use your Membership nights and save 10% on the retreat fee.  Call for details.

Only 12 spaces are available – Devon’s workshops fill up quickly!

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Horse listener. Equine Gestalt Coach. Life changer.


The Healing Power of Horses

Devon's unique perspective and talents have earned her worldwide recognition as the Cowgirl of the Wellness World and an authentic horse listener. She's been featured in COWGIRL Magazine, on Fox News Radio, and is a contributing editor in the Amazon bestseller, "Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women."

Working with Devon personally – and with her horse partners – is a gift like no other. Her equine retreats regularly sell out, and participants rave about the experience. People leave empowered, freshly focused and ready to take charge in new ways.

The Healing Power of Horses

"When we're with horses, we can just be." That's how Devon Combs feels about her lifelong passion.

Devon knows through professional and personal experience about the powerful impact of horses. Years ago, she found her own redemption and deep healing through that connection.

That's how she recognized her calling. Today she shares the power of horses with people who need that one-of-a-kind connection to get out of a rut and onto their true path.

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I work with people to help them get unstuck, reconnect with their intuition, and begin to live an unbridled life.


Horses are intuitive, kind and gentle animals who are phenomenal at reading human body language. They sense your energy and understand you. They give honest and nonjudgmental feedback which will help you reclaim your authentic self.

I invite you to experience the Healing Power of Horses at this special retreat offered by Canyon Ranch. No matter how disconnected, confused or lost you feel when you arrive at this retreat, you can gallop home feeling like a rockstar.

Because when you connect with a horse, SHIFT HAPPENS.

See you at the Ranch! Devon

Dear friends,

Do you say “yes” when you should say “no” and put yourself last because it’s the “right” thing to do? Do you over-commit all the time?

Is this the pattern that you’ve followed most of your life? Have you been conditioned to do what everyone else expects? You might be feeling stuck and stagnant, with no clue how to start making changes.

I’m here to help. Howdy! I’m Devon Combs, Equine Gestalt Coach, and I’ve been where you are. What if I told you that with just one six-letter word, you could totally transform your life?

The word is “HORSES” – and I partner with these majestic creatures to heal anyone who can benefit.

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This will be an experience that frees you like no other. You'll share moments – with horses and people – that change the way you see yourself. That open pathways you didn't know existed. That help you become the most courageous, authentic version of you:

This Place, These People
In the inspiring Sonoran Desert, you'll feel embraced and supported by Devon and like-minded retreat participants. You'll share experiences – from horse encounters to friendly meals – that brighten your future.
You & Your Horse
With Devon's guidance as a certified equine gestalt coach, learn ways to create a connection with your horse. Discover how natural acceptance and sensitivity can release you from old patterns and renew your vision.
All You
At Canyon Ranch, you'll have time on your own to reflect on everything you're experiencing, to pursue favorite activities and to enjoy the spa, sports and wellness services included with your stay.
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