Focus on Managing Pain

Pain is an inevitable part of life, and we’d like help you navigate through it. Here is your chance to change the way you manage pain and begin your journey to healing. Our experienced Canyon Ranch health and wellness experts take an integrative look at pain through presentations, workshops and activities. Learn proven methods for coping with and reducing the experience of pain, both physically and emotionally. Discover pathways to healing you didn’t know existed.

Event Highlights

Embark on your journey to healing. Diverse Canyon Ranch experts invite you to a four-day program that will leave you feeling inspired, courageous and strong. Learn a variety of methods to use in your everyday life to best manage pain.

Integrative Learning
Through 12 presentations coupled with practical learning activities, top health and wellness experts combine different approaches to take on the subject of pain.
Find Your Center
Cultivate inner resources in this hands-on environment and watch as you grow into the strongest version of yourself. You’ll find opportunities such as a crystal sound meditation, a guided labyrinth walk, or a creative writing for self-expression class.
Pain Management
Interested in discovering your inner balance? Join Amy Hawthorne, Life Management therapist, for her presentation on "Inner Balance: A Tool for Managing Pain". Amy will uncover the connection between pain management and Heart Math Inner Balance, an evidence-based tool using HRV entrainment to promote wellness. Perhaps you want to know more about the inner depths of pain and where it all stems from? There's an expert for that. Maria DelliVeneri, Certified Athletic Trainer, dives into pain science education through a neuroscience and musculoskeletal lens in her presentation "What is Pain?".
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