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Flourishing with Laura Cooke

The Keys to a Flourishing Life with Laura Cooke

Everyone wants to be happy. Happiness is hard, but it is a learned skill worthy of study!  Laura Cooke shares skills based on the science of positive psychology, focused on what enables you and your community to thrive. Make peace with the past and build confidence with the future, so you live in the present with joy.

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Meet Laura Cooke

A popular national speaker, Laura teaches the science and skills to thrive in life. She trained at the Institute for Positive Education in Australia and the Flourishing Institute and holds a Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology, a BA in Business from Wittenberg University, and a Masters of Business Administration from the Ross School of Business at University of Michigan. She was Business Director at Metatec Corporation, started a multi-media publishing company and was Assistant Head of The Wellington School. Laura sat on the Childhood League executive committee and volunteers with non-profits in Ohio.

Event Highlights

In interactive presentations, Laura Cooke explores the strategies and tools for a more joyful, healthy, meaningful and accomplished life, both personally and professionally. Canyon Ranch experts also present special programming for a robust event you won't want to miss.

The Skills to Flourish in Life
Laura gives an overview of positive psychology and what it means to be happy. Learn about the 13 skills to live a flourishing life.
Building Strong Relationships – A Key to Flourishing in Life
Explore the power of vulnerability, ways to deal with distractions, and how to savor the good things in life.
Practice Gratitude
Laura explains the concept of hedonic adaptation and provides insight into the science of gratitude and how it strengthens your personal well-being.

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