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ELEVATE: Launch Your Best Life

You already know what you need to do to stay healthy – now let’s turn that knowledge into action.

Our team specializes in helping you knock down obstacles, get unstuck and forge ahead with confidence. In this structured, powerhouse retreat, you’ll be bolstered by individual attention and group dynamics. Plus, immersed in this healthy lifestyle, you get a week’s running start toward adopting new habits for life.

Whether you’re focused on a wellness concern, weight loss, athletic performance or need a healthy living reboot, you’ll take home a personal road map and the conviction to turn intentions into reality.

As our gift of health to you, we’re waiving the usual $500 program tuition through 2020.

For more ELEVATE Program event dates, view the schedules below.


Please note that dates of this program are subject to change.  All dates through April have been cancelled.


Welcome to the Life Enhancement Center

The tranquil, self-contained Life Enhancement Center® – complete with gyms, locker room, dining room and classroom – is home base for the ELEVATE program, where you learn, practice and experience the daily routines of healthy living. Experts in life management, spirituality, fitness, medicine, nutrition and movement provide unlimited support and inspiration – and they make sure you take home the best tools for long-term success.

ELEVATE – a Canyon Ranch+ experience

Every Canyon Ranch stay is packed with healthy choices – ELEVATE pulls it all together for you with exclusive curriculum in a private setting. Interact all week with the same experts and fellow participants, building knowledge, commitment and lasting relationships.

ELEVATE gets you off your starting line and well on your way.

The People, the Place & You
It's the perfect synergy – diverse wellness professionals, an inspiring setting and you, ready for change. Health and fitness experts assess and advise you. Our coaching, spiritual wellness and life management specialists help you define your goals and make a plan.
The Experience
Learn by doing. With hands-on activities, fitness classes, outdoor group experiences, leading-edge wellness presentations, nutritious dining and private consultations. In this everything-is-possible environment, great things happen.
Growing Day by Day
Your ELEVATE experience features: 17 presentations by top wellness professionals | 15 fitness and movement activities | mind-centering practices such as meditation, qi gong and tai chi.
An Expert View
"Leaving behind the everyday noise allows you to hear your own voice again – to encounter your authentic self and return to wholeness. It's the path to an elevated life."

Terry Horton, Life Enhancement Coach
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