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Celebrate Love with Scott Stabile

Scott Stabile, author of Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart, returns to Canyon Ranch by popular demand. His inspirational social media posts and videos have drawn a devoted online following, including more than 350,000 Facebook fans alone. Scott shares his belief that “love is the base note for everything good” — compassion, forgiveness, kindness and authenticity — and that nothing stands to transform us, our relationships and our world more than love in action. Learn to feel more empowered and hopeful while gaining the tools needed to turn to love rather than to act out of fear.


Scott Stabile became an expert on life, love and resiliency in the most challenging way. His parents were murdered when he was 14, and his brother died from a drug overdose nine years later. Scott became immersed in a cult for the next 13 years before he found the strength to walk away. In writing Big Love, he described his struggles and the ultimate path he found to conquering fear and shame with love. His story is unique but his message is universal.

Event Highlights

Join Scott Stabile for a series of presentations and discussions on the power of love.

Love in Action
Explore the pathway to a happier you through the themes of compassion, forgiveness, kindness and authenticity. Discussions and interpersonal writing exercises lead the way.
Identity & Authenticity
How do we define ourselves, and where do those definitions come from? This discussion takes a look at how to become more in tune with what is true for us – rather than what's expected of us – and how to move forward in life from a deeper, more authentic place.
Facing Fear
What are you afraid of? How is fear holding you back in your life? Are you feeling stuck and wondering what you can do to move forward? Fear only holds the power that you give it. In this discussion, take some of that power back and learn to create, to communicate and live your life more fully.

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