Artistry & Personal Spirituality with Barnet Bain

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Rediscover the reservoir of creativity you were born with – and its natural connection to spirituality. Join Barnet Bain – creativity coach, award-winning filmmaker, and author of “The Book of Doing and Being” – for inspiring activities, discussions, breath work and play.

Barnet believes that creativity includes but is not limited to the arts. You can use spiritually powered creativity to jumpstart a project, launch a business, make a work of art or experience more fulfilling relationships.

Barnet will share his expertise to help you get started in powerful ways.

  • You’ll gain an experiential overview of presence, aliveness and intensity.
  • Build body-mind recognition of your inner stories and creativity.
  • Develop your understanding of how creativity is born in the body.
  • Experience the basic elements of creative intensity: energy, contact and boundaries.

This 3- day retreat includes a Welcome & Closing Ceremony, a group dinner and daily group sessions.

The all-inclusive package for this retreat includes the retreat fee of $500, an additional $320 service allowance per stay to apply toward a private session with a Canyon Ranch spiritual wellness provider or other spiritual wellness services; you also save 15% on our EveryStay rate.


Canyon Ranch Members – Use your membership nights and save 10% on the retreat fee.  Call for details.

Limited spaces available. Book by October 5, 2018.
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Filmmaker. Author. Creativity coach.


Artistry & Personal Spirituality

The lessons, tools and techniques published in these books serve to open untapped reservoirs of creativity in every individual – they have helped thousands consciously create their present and future. Barnet guides people of all ages and walks of life to expand their vision of what is possible, and develop their gifts and talents with passion.

Barnet is a core faculty member of Columbia University, Spirituality Mind Body Institute, and teacher at Esalen Institute.

Artistry & Personal Spirituality

In a word, Barnet Bain is a creator. Film credits include Milton’s Secret (director, writer); Oscar-winner What Dreams May Come (producer); Emmy-Award nominee for Outstanding TV Movie, Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story (executive producer); and The Celestine Prophecy (writer, producer).

Through his experiences in Hollywood and beyond, Barnet latched onto the idea that stepping beyond what we already know is key to the dimension of imagination from which innovation is born. He shared these philosophies in The Book of Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work (2015) and The Third Story: Awakening the Love That Transforms (2013).

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"success now hinges on this quality that all of us possess, but few of us appreciate: our ability to dream, to innovate, to create."


In a world that is changing more rapidly than we can keep up with – where nothing is guaranteed – success now hinges on this quality that all of us possess, but few of us appreciate: our ability to dream, to innovate, to create.

It has been said that we accept the love we think we deserve. I like to say, we accept the life that we expect and we can’t have a life that is larger than what we can imagine.

Although not everyone is interested in being a dancer, painter, sculptor or poet, each of us can become an artist of being fully alive. This is an important subject to me, and I’m excited to share it with you, this fall, at Canyon Ranch.

Dear Everyone,

Many people believe they’re not especially creative, and some others have asked, “can creativity be learned?” I’m writing to you in order to address both of these things.

To begin, our imaginations have become highly trained by the circumstances we grew up in – by our families, education, by our communities, our religions and our politics. It’s not bad or good; it’s just life. Fortunately, there are skills and practices to relieve some of those artificial boundaries. And when we have broader imaginations, it doesn’t simply lead to pretty paintings or music. It leads to an expanded menu of possibilities across the range of experiences we are willing to have in life.

Through discussions, breath work and play, we will rediscover a reservoir of creativity that is born in the body. Whether it’s jumpstarting a new project, launching a business, creating a work of art or experiencing more fulfilling relationships, Artistry and Personal Spirituality offers a blueprint to step beyond what we already know into a life of purpose and innovation. If you are still not sure that this is right for you, I invite you to reach out to me personally. You’ll find me at – let’s talk!

Sincerely, Barnet

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Find out what’s holding you back, and discover how to respond to the old patterns that limit your creativity. Connect with your vision and passions, and learn to align your goals with them. Discover the focus of your “true work,” and strategies for creating it. Barnet Bain shares highlights of his inspiring presentations:

Fuel Your Future with Creativity
From my years producing creative movies and books, leading creativity workshops, and teaching Artistry and Personal Spirituality at Columbia University, I’ll show you how you can tap into this gift we all possess.
Resilience Through Chaos
Learn how creativity helps us cope and thrive through stress and change.
Quiet the Mind
Experience how breathing can generate calm and well-being.
What Our Kids Need to Succeed
In a time when art, drama and music classes are constantly cut to save money, you’ll learn to develop lifelong skills of creative thinking that will free your kids to dream big.
Shake Up Your Connections
I’ll share practical techniques and exercises designed to up-level and embody your creative connections in business, finances, relationships and all areas of life.
Evening Screening of Milton’s Secret with the Director
Starring Donald Sutherland, based on the novelette by Eckhart Tolle and directed by Barnet. Hear behind-the-scenes stories and join a discussion about the characters in relation to what you’ve learned.
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