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Integrative Weight Loss

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Understand and overcome physical, behavioral, and emotional barriers to lose weight for good.

This Pathway Plus is a highly personalized experience designed just for you. We invite you to book online or speak with a reservation agent at (800) 326-7100 to start customizing your journey.

Canyon Ranch resorts are all-inclusive with many activities and lectures, restaurants with unlimited meals and snacks, dozens of wellness experts and practitioners, and luxury accommodations set in breathtaking, natural environments.

Get Advanced Insights

Through comprehensive labs and diagnostics, an integrative physician evaluates your health, analyzes strengths and opportunities, and translates results into actions for optimizing your holistic well-being.

Discover Your Path

Multiple practitioners coach you with personalized strategies for exercise, meal planning, self-care, and mindfulness, empowering you with the skills and practices to overcome physical, behavioral, and emotional barriers.

Live Your Healthy Weight

Leave with a precise plan, the know-how to implement it, and the opportunity to fine-tune your approach through virtual follow-ups, so you can reach and maintain your optimal weight for life.

Takeaway List

  • Diagnostic insights for health optimization

  • A precise plan for lasting weight loss

  • Techniques for measuring and monitoring health

  • Methods for improved sleep

  • Personalized nutrition program

  • Custom exercises and fitness routines

  • Behavioral techniques for alleviating sources of stress

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