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Close-up of gold sound healing bowls.
Oct 27 - 30, 2022

Sound Healing Weekend Retreat

With Danny Goldberg
Close-up of gold sound healing bowls.

In addition to this event, you can enjoy all of the daily activities that Woodside offers. Explore our sample retreat schedule.

Confucius and the Pythagoreans claimed that sound could not only “tune the soul” but also impact our cosmological and social worlds as well. What the ancients knew holds true today as sound carries the frequency to heal. Conducted by acclaimed sound practitioner Danny Goldberg, the Sound Immersion Experience utilizes gongs and singing bowls to restore balance to the energy centers in your body. Canyon Ranch Woodside’s singular setting in the Northern California Redwood Forest naturally amplifies the potency of these healing sounds providing a beneficial impact physiologically, emotionally, and on the mind. Through healing vibrations, these sacred instruments, and the sounds they create, will leave you with an inner calm and deep relaxation that enables you to get centered to journey deep during this unique sound-healing retreat.