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Aug 19 - 21, 2022

Wholeness, Soulness & Change

With Jonathan Ellerby, PhD
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How does a sense of purpose and actual success intersect? Is one dependent upon the other? If so, how can we use our past to inform our future? During this weekend retreat at Canyon Ranch Woodside, Dr. Jonathan Ellerby, bestselling author, teacher, and healer will lead a series of fireside chats that deeply explore the answers to those questions.

Each session stands alone and builds on the other, as we focus on meaningful explorations of what balance and soulful resilience can mean in today’s screen-centric, overly scheduled life. Success often looks different than you thought it would. If you learn how to accept that fact gracefully, your passion for what’s next will return and life will feel joyous and full of possibilities again. During this weekend wellness retreat, you’ll enter into a safe space to take honest stock of where you are—and find direction in where you want to go next.