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Close-up of woman journaling.
Feb 24 - 27, 2022

Unlock Your Potential Using Creative Flow

With Laura Roe Stevens
Close-up of woman journaling.

Experience the transformative healing experience and power of being in the creative flow. We will set pen to paper and ignite the power of intention, belief, and the ability to hear your inner voice and identify your purpose and dreams. Writing in nature, with prompts given from a writing coach, creates a safe space to explore, forgive, and let go of limiting beliefs, fear, blockages, or wounds that may be holding you back. The power of breath, gentle yoga, nature walks, and guided meditation in the quiet of a California Redwood Forest — helps to open your Heart Chakra and to allow positive energy to flow within every cell. This allows you to feel and to identify, with clarity, stagnant thoughts or self-sabotaging habits that are not in alignment with your well-being and momentum for a future of infinite possibilities. End the weekend with a renewed vision and invigorated confidence to begin your journey toward living your best life.