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Jul 8 - 10, 2022

Unfolding A Life Well-Lived

With Laura Campbell
Image of a group pilates class.

In addition to this event, you can enjoy all of the daily activities that Woodside offers, see a sample daily schedule.

Join us for a transformative weekend retreat at Canyon Ranch Woodside to hear Laura Campell, a certified Life and Executive Coach, deliver a four-part fireside chat that uncovers the tools to consciously create the life you dream about.

During this interactive retreat in Northern California, you’ll hear Laura discuss how to consciously integrate spirituality and mindfulness to shape the new and next chapters of your life—and unlock your power to unfold your journey toward balance and inspiration.

As a coach and strategist, Laura Campbell guides you to reimagine a roadmap to a life of your choosing. She will be your catalyst and guide as you plan for what comes next.