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Family sitting around a table eating dinner.
Nov 18 - 20, 2022

Finding Grace in Family

With Jill Avery Henderson
Family sitting around a table eating dinner.

In addition to this event, you can enjoy all of the daily activities that Tucson offers, see a sample ranch schedule.

Flow and harmony are better than friction and conflict. Trust and respect are better than control and expectation. Connection and compassion are better than being begrudging or right. As we head into the holidays, the feeling that time is precious comes to the forefront of our thoughts, so lean in and take action. Learn how to lead by example by creating a healthier and stronger family foundation. Your family’s flow will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Join us at Canyon Ranch Tucson this fall for this three-day wellness retreat, surrounded by the peace and beauty of Arizona’s Santa Catalina Mountains, for an interactive experience with relationship expert Jill Avery Henderson.

Family is one of our most important, most precious, and most challenging relationships. Family can be our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. Family can bring out the best and the worst in us. These are universal truths we all share. When family friction becomes chronic, dysfunction often becomes normalized. The family foundation becomes fractured, unstable, and even toxic when this happens. Conflict and disagreement are inevitable in any relationship—especially with family. Learning how to diffuse conflict, soften friction, and create flow in our family is a skill. Learning, growing, evolving, and improving is never too late. Our family’s foundation deeply impacts the quality of our lives, so learning how to create healthy, harmonious, and respectful relationships within our family are life skills worth mastering.

Jill has 30 years of empowerment coaching with teens, young adults, and parents. Her Family in Flow program offers some tools and techniques to create flow and diffuse friction; broaden perspectives for a path of peace, and inspire you to become skilled in your family’s flow. When our family is in harmony, all feels right in the world.