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Overhead view of healthy meal on table.
Jan 21 - 23, 2022

Nourish Your Senses + Heal Your Body

Overhead view of healthy meal on table.

Slowing down to mindfully connect with what we eat opens the way to experience a deeper relationship with ourselves, nature, and what is nourishing to our physical bodies. Join Canyon Ranch Executive Chef Isabelle Jackson Nunes, and author, wildlife tracker, and regenerative rancher Doniga Markegard, to learn the tools that engage the senses with food and in nature. Doniga will guide participants by spending exploratory time in nature. She will show how to spot animal tracks, read the language of the birds, forage wild plants, and ground our bodies in nature. Chef Isabelle will instruct you how to nourish your body and break through cooking blocks and limitations using engaging cooking demonstrations. Guests will visit nearby organic and regenerative farms to learn how to connect directly with food and the soils to explore how the health of the soil mirrors the health of our bodies.